Thank you, Internet.

I was thinking about Vick's blog post on "A few of my favorite things" and trying to drum up a few of my own when it occurred to me that the majority of the things I love are a) kinda intangible (at the very least, un-photograph-able), and b) exist because of the internet.Let me explain.1. Keeping in touch with friends despite distance: For example, enjoying the new-found details I have about Vicki and Mike's wedding-life because of her blog. Seeing photos of Jordan as he grows thanks to Continue Reading

Latest Online Obsession

My dear, dear, loved, awesome, cherished friend who now lives in San Fran, works for this company: www.scrapblog.comI played with their little application on Facebook and fell inlove. So I took a chance, put $10 on an account, and got to work. And now - I am officially obsessed with Scrapblogging.It's like a mix of Yearbook and Web Design. They can be printed, embedded on websites, and even have an area for comments a la social networking.Here's my more recent Jamaica Scrapblog:I made it a few Continue Reading

Sooo you THINK you want a facial….

I know I did. It sounded so wonderful - someone cleans your face for you, pops your zits, digs out your blackheads, smears your skin with,... something,... the top layer peels off and waaa laa! Fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and other imperfections are gone!Surely nothing with those kind of results will be entirely painless, but surely it will only be minor discomfort. Surely it will be bearable. Surely I will feel more beautiful than I've ever felt before and it will all be worth it.Well, Continue Reading