The Snail Society

Five and a half years ago, when I met the love of my life, boyfriend, and best friend Vince, I had no idea that the universe was also delivering unto me the single strongest test to my patience that I have ever known. You see, my boyfriend is slow. Continue Reading

The magic of scent association

I had another post in mind for tonight, but in between jogging and blogging I decided a shower was in order, and rather than hitting up my standard, green Chandrika Indian sandle soap I decided to take out my last bar of Jamaican soap. Let me say that one more time for impact.ย  I just opened my last. bar. of Jamaican soap. Which leads me to this post - the magic of scent association. Continue Reading

Late night ramblings of love from me to you…

Just a late night ramble from me. I spent all evening with my girl, putting together a collage for her mom's services tomorrow night. We picked out songs, put together photos, cried a little, worked a lot. It was something,... So I'm home now and Vince is asleep and I'm barely awake but I'm alone with my realization of how short life is and how pointless grudges are.... We have all this social media technology and I spend all day long trying to think of ways to use it for brand exposure and Continue Reading

Five Years of the Same Memorial Day

Normally, if I said that I did the same thing on the same day every year, that would sound somewhat boring...Monotonous even,... makes me think of Groundhog Day,... But every year, for the last five years in a row, I have spent Memorial Day on Cocoa Beach behind Coconuts with my Aries Soulmate and best of friends, Kristi. Kristi is my best friend for a few reasons. She's a good soul, she's a strong woman, but best of all - she is an Aries. I don't have to hide any of my ugly inner Aries Continue Reading