Why do I write…?

I'm not asking. I already know the answer. This post is to answer the first question that anyone who reads this silly thing may ask - Why do I write? I write to remember where I came from. Because sometimes life moves so fast, I look up and realize that the Ali I think I am was actually three Ali's ago. I write to motivate myself for the future. Because sometimes I have these big dreams that I can't seem to nail down and I need reminders that I do have an idea of what I want, one day. I write Continue Reading

For real this time.

I'm going to lose weight. No really. For real this time. The last time I really dedicated myself was before our Jamaica trip. I lost 12 pounds but probably could have lost another 5. That was two years ago. I've gained back that weight and 5 additional pounds since that trip. Nooooo more. This shit has got to go. I've had it. Continue Reading

My bestfriend, Jess

In 6th grade, at Nims Middle School in Tallahassee, Florida, there was a tall girl with super curly hair in one of my classes. I don't remember exactly which class it was because for the next three years we had more than a few classes together... But I do remember what I thought of her then: That's the tall, pretty, smart girl with curly hair. Pretty much Jessie from Saved by the Bell in real life. Little did I know that the tall, smart, girl with curly hair would be my best friend for life; a Continue Reading