My Version of a Hope Chest

I'm just going to go ahead and put this out there: When I was a little girl, I never day dreamed about getting married. I bet my mom even remembers me telling her in 7th grade that I planned on just dating around and being in long relationships all my life. Yeah.So I've never really had what most girls would call a "hope chest." You know, that box you keep somewhere, that moves around with you and houses all sorts of pretty things that you'll use when you're grown up and have a family of your Continue Reading

The Six Hundred Dollar Dinner and Other Tales of Vince’s Birthday

Four years ago, in a townhouse not very far away, Vince had his third disastrous birthday in a row. It was 2008, and at the time we were close friends with a couple who, for whatever reason, wasn't very flexible and didn't really socialize. And every year that we were close to them, Vince's birthday suffered. All that changed for Vince's 30th birthday in 2009.... Vince's 30th Birthday Dinner Group It all started when I realized that I had no plans for Vince's 30th birthday because it Continue Reading

A date range, a state, and even a town!

I may be blogging about this prematurely, but I'm so excited I can barely contain myself.ย  We think we have a date range, a state, and even a town for our wedding which will hence-forth be known as "the biggest party we've ever thrown." So here's the requirements: Vince and I really want a destination wedding, but it has to be in the states. We love beach weddings, but there's not a beach in this country that feels right for us so we think the opposite of beach is the way to go. We want to Continue Reading

What we already know in 2011

It is January 3, 2011. This is my first blog post of the year, and here is what Vince and I know so far... We know: Vince starts his new job this month! Vince's 32nd birthday celebration will be at Jon and Carrie's! We're going to D.C. in June for Vicki and Mike's wedding! We're going back to Jamaica in October! We do NOT want to get married in Orlando. We can't get married outside of the U.S. because we want my Grandma and Dad to make it. Who I want to ask to be my bridesmaids. What Continue Reading