Engagement Photo Fashion Follow-Up

First of all, I'd like to apologize to anyone reading this who may have taken me seriously when I said I was going to blog more in 2011. I have been a gym-slave and blogging has not been a priority. I suck.But with that said - some things have started to move along in the way of the wedding planning. Nothing major, but still progress!So, as you may remember, finding an amazing Orlando engagement photographer was easy.Finding something to wear that will be timeless, elegant, and fun was much, Continue Reading

My Unexpectedly Awesome 29th Birthday: A Recap

Back on March 8th I wrote a post that briefly mentioned how detached I was from my 29th birthday, which was then 20 days away. By noon on March 25th - the Friday before my birthday and the beginning of my birthday weekend - I was more convinced than ever that my 29th would kinda... well... blow. I found out that my friends were either out of town, sick, broke, or had to work bizarre hours.ย  On Sunday my landlords were scheduled to come do repairs on the house, which meant we had to play "Hide Continue Reading