Asheville Destination Wedding Planning – Free Stuff ROCKS!

This is why I'm seriously in love with Asheville, North Carolina. In the very first wedding magazine I bought, I saw an ad for  It was a two page spread all about Asheville weddings and all the reasons Vince and I fell inlove with the town.  This ad spoke to me, hell, it might as well have been written FOR me. And it was a vanity URL which re-directs to the wedding section of I'm super familiar with ExploreAsheville, since it was key to helping Continue Reading

Our Engagement Photos by Florida’s Most Amazing Wedding Photographer: KimBE Photography

If you ended up on this post because you're looking for an amazing engagement photographer, click here and get your butt over to KimBe Photography. She will travel to anywhere you are, and she is AMAZING! Okay so did I post enough about our engagement photos to make you guys wonder when and if these photos were going to happen? Well they did and you've probably already seen them, but I want to tell you about the amazing day we had shooting our amazing Orlando engagement photos! To prepare for Continue Reading

Hardest Decision Ever: Picking Bridesmaids

In honor of the movie I really want to go see this weekend and the extremely difficult decision I think I've finally made, I thought I would write about the thought process I went through before I ask a friend to spend her hard earned cash on a dress she'll wear once.  This is otherwise known as the hardest decision ever: Picking Bridesmaids. First of all, picking bridesmaids is deceptively difficult. No one told me this. There are all sorts of things to consider before you say anything to Continue Reading

Step One – See Asheville Wedding Venues IRL

Well, well, well.... we might have a wedding after all. Here's the plan to scope out Asheville wedding venues up close and personal. Next month, Vince and I will be driving to Washington D.C. to attend THE wedding of the year for my fantastic friends Vicki and Mike on June 19th. After what promises to be an amazing post-wedding breakfast, Vince and I will drive eight hours to Asheville, NC, and most likely check into whatever hotel suits our fancy at the time.  I plan to bum around that Continue Reading

Mother’s Day: 2003

Eight years ago today was the last holiday I was able to spend with my Grandma. I remember it for a few reasons, all of which seemed normal enough at the time.... I woke up, rushed out of my apartment, and bought orange juice because that was what Grandma was always responsible for bringing to the family Sunday brunches. I got to Grandma's house and of course she wasn't ready, so Uncle Dan and I got everything and went the three blocks to Aunt Linda's house. Grandma and I held hands while Continue Reading