The Great Blogger Migration of 2011

Well, my loves, it is official: is living on Wordpress and I am SUPER EXCITED!!! This is my first post to you via my new environment and I am in love. Of course, I already knew what I was getting myself into. I've used Wordpress professionally for many years now, and have managed countless sites through it. But this one is all mine and all personal! I love it! So what do you think? Like my theme? Like the look? Too cluttered? Not enough info? Are the little photos at the Continue Reading

Help us decide which Save the Dates!

Since we pretty much have a venue, and we certainly have a date, and our engagement photos are officially taken, edited, and in my possession, it is time to make some mother effin' STD's! (Please go back and re-read that last sentence in Samuel L. Jackson's voice. That's better....) So thanks to an awesome Moola sale, I got $50 in credits for a mere $25. What is Mixbook you ask? It is a fun, flash-based web-accessible software that allows anyone to make scrapbooks, cards, posters, Continue Reading

My Crazy Polish Grandma

My last remaining Grandma passed away yesterday. This post contains stories and reflections about her... it's a way for me to grieve without becoming too distraught. She was a funny little lady... Her Crazy Past I called her "My Crazy Polish Grandma," but in actuality my Grandma was neither crazy nor Polish. She was born in 1924 in an apartment in Brooklyn, the youngest of 8 children.ย  Her parents were Frank and Katherine Masluk, and they were Austrian.ย  The only thing I know about either Continue Reading

Homewood – It’s THE ONE!

  Every list of Asheville wedding venues I've looked at has had Homewood right at the top, but when I first looked up information on the venue, I couldn't really see why. That's because earlier this year their website was just super simple, kinda old, and the photos were itsy bitsy. In fact, I might even call them microscopic. So even though I requested information about the venue, I wasn't really excited about it. On top of all that, it seemed like a bit more work than other venues Continue Reading

Asheville Venue Review: Deerpark at Biltmore

Let's be honest here, if you've heard of The Biltmore, and you're a woman, you've wanted to get married, move into that house, and live happily ever after. Vince and I spent our 5 year anniversary on the property, and we were blown away at how we were treated. The Biltmore treats guests like royalty, and I honestly can't imagine a better place to get married. Now, there are multiple places one can have a ceremony and reception on Biltmore Estate. Unfortunately you can't mix and match the Continue Reading