You can’t take luck for granted.

I just finished up one of the most difficult weeks of my adult life. Here are some bullet points: Monday: Learned that my insurance won't cover medication I need. Tuesday morning: Sent heterolifemate flowers asking that she be my bridesmaid, which resulted in full-on reality check and panic attack on my end, during work hours. Tuesday afternoon: Learned that fiance is likely losing his job and has 30 days to figure out his next step. Wednesday: Tried to cancel our contract and get our venue Continue Reading

We’re Getting Married at Homewood

Okay so there's no turning back now - the deposit was received and is down on Homewood in Asheville, North Carolina. We're getting married April 28, 2013, on a Sunday evening, and we are extremely excited. These are the emotions I've experienced since learning our deposit was accepted: Shock: As in, wow... we've made it this far. It seems only only yesterday Vince and I were planning our 6 year anniversary, and I feel like he only recently proposed. But it's actually been almost 9 months Continue Reading

My Linea Pelle Love Affair

Internet Truth Time: I am obsessed with expensive handbags. I'm not talking about a nice Dooney and Burke or Coach bag, although I own and love both of those brands. I'm talking about handbags that cost as much as a whole half my paycheck, or, given a good sale, maybe as much as a top-tier Dooney and Burke or Coach bag at full price. This love of 'handbags I can't afford' can all be traced back to one summer afternoon at the outlet malls, walking through Neiman Marcus Last Call. I don't Continue Reading