Birthday Plannin’!

Guess what this year is...? It's the Year I Turn 30. Or as Grace so eloquently put it: My 29-2.0. :) Just like New Years, there is an immense amount of pressure to do something ridiculous for my birthday. And while I have done some pretty awesome things, I can't say I've ever felt as though my birthday was just 'sick.' Well, this year, that will all change. My mission is to make my 30th birthday everything my 21st would have been if I'd had to means or the sense at the time. So the Continue Reading

Work It: 2012 Edition

Okay I know I haven't been around a lot lately... in fact I just now blogged about new year's eve. But I've been a little busy.... Everyone, please meet my latest obsession: My gym planner. I record what I do, how many calories I burn, what classes I take, and what days I take off. I also write down how much I weigh, but you guys can't see that just yet. *hangs head in shame* Anyway - if you noticed me not tweeting, not commenting on your blog posts, not responding to messages on Continue Reading

A Perpetually Groovey New Year Celebration

Every year the question "what are we going to do for New Year's Eve" comes up. And every year I respond with things that are best left off public forums. But this,...errr last? year, I had no answer and all the usual pressure to make it 'epic.' So when our friends asked us to go to Atlanta to see their favorite band, P Groove, Vince and I hoped on board despite not really loving the band. The drive was steered by Dave's stomach. Seriously - our first stop on the trip was a BBQ restaurant the Continue Reading