4th of July Weekend Misadventures

So this one time, I bought tickets for a show at Hard Rock and totally thought it was at House of Blues, and I didn’t realize my mistake until we were parked and eating dinner at the wrong venue.


Okay yeah that time was last Thursday night, the show was Lindsay Stirling, and after laughing about my total and complete blonde moment, Vince, Ryan, Alicia and I booked it from HOB to Hard Rock and caught the last 6 songs of the show. It was totally worth the effort because Lindsay Stirling was awesome!

Dubstep Violinist, anyone?

Dubstep Violinist, anyone?

For those of you who don’t know, Lindsay Stirling was on America’s Got Talent and is known as the Dubstep Violinist. She’s an adorable little thing and rocks out her violin, on-stage, with a DJ dropping EDM and breaks. And she freakin’ owns it.

Between the two buff dudes picking her up to fly her around stage and her own non-stop jumping, as she plays, it was a truly inspiring show. Alicia and I walked into the pit area and almost immediately got chill bumps. She is just so amazing and talented.

Ali and Alicia @ The Correct Venue.

Ali and Alicia @ The Correct Venue, aka Hard Rock.

Side note on the crowd: I thought for SURE we would be the oldest people there. But I swear, Lindsay Stirling and Cher have the same target audience. It was lots of gays, and lots of old, handicapped white people. Even in the pic of me and Alicia above, after the concert, you can see a big dude getting wheeled out by his wife.

Also weird – we were in the general admission section, which is the pit, and even though it was fairly packed NO ONE was dancing. Like, not even weaving or putting a hand in the air. It was a freakin’ strange crowd, man. Between Cher and Lindsay Stirling, I am seriously starting to question my musical taste.

Other than this journey, the rest of our weekend looked like dis:

Vince in his ridiculous (but kind of adorable) pool that I call "the soup bowl."

Vince in his ridiculous (but kind of adorable) pool that I call “the soup bowl.” I could, and should, write a whole gotdamn’d post about this freakin’ blow up pool. The fights… the arguments… the frogs. *shudder*

The only patriotic thing about our 4th of July weekend was this coke and my 'merica cupcakes.

The only patriotic thing about our 4th of July weekend was this coke and my ‘merica cupcakes.

Catching an awesome silhouette in the sunset!

Catching an awesome silhouette in the sunset!

Alicia is the one who introduced me to hooping and she is absolutely amazing. I’ve been coveting her Astral Atomic Evoke for, well, six months now, and I promised that if I could learn how to shoulder hoop I would reward myself with my own.

The Atomic Evoke is not just any ol’ LED hoop. It has 160 programs and more modes than I know what to do with. It’s amazing and beautiful and I want one SO FREAKIN BAD!!!

Vortexing with Alicia's Astral Atomic Evoke, on the star pattern setting. I freakin LURVE IT!

Vortexing with Alicia’s Astral Atomic Evoke, on the star pattern setting. I freakin LURVE IT!

So yeah I totally ordered one Saturday night.

Other than spending $400 on a hoop, we watched a lot of movies and even hung out with our friends Nick and Ashley who randomly ended up in Orlando for the weekend. Alicia and I even got Ashley to hoop with us (but seriously, how can you resist pretty things that light up?)

Waist hooping with my MoodHoop Saffron while Ashley rocks Alicia's TrueHoop behind me.

Waist hooping with my MoodHoop Saffron while Ashley rocks Alicia’s TrueHoop behind me.

Overall, this was the most unplanned, uncoordinated, unpatriotic 4th of July weekend, ever.

I didn’t see one firework go off and I drank maaaaybe 4 beers over the course of three days. We watched at least 6 movies, and a 10 minute Russian Dash Cam video.  I talked to Alicia about my Dad non-stop (I’m now realizing what a bad idea it was to cut myself off from friends for 4 months), didn’t leave my house except to go to two different theme-park-entertainment-areas, and hooped my heart out.

It was perfect. :)


  1. Kathy says

    Seriously missed you two Alicias on Saturday but I understand. We’ll have to have you over sometime for a non-event to see the place. Miss you!

  2. Jess says

    I think the Clueless gif was well worth the confusion. And hot damn, I’ve never seen an Astral Atomic Evoke in person but now I want one! Those stars seem like a must-have accessory, the type that matches everything. Miss you lady :).

  3. luckiestgirlever says

    I’m so sorry we didn’t make it. I’m still… feeling odd. The rain also encouraged a hermit mode and Alicia was good enough to hang out with me. I would love a night out with just you and Jeff, me and Vince, if possible.

  4. luckiestgirlever says

    That Clueless moment was the first thing that came to mind when I realized my mistake. :)

  5. Weesie says

    The best part when Vince and Ryan ran in and was like “check the tickets!!!” That Clueless gif is spot on with the face you gave me!! Such awesomeness! It was an amazing adventure and I’m glad we had it. Misadventures make better memories anyway! I can’t wait til your Evoke gets there!! (and I found out it has 222 total combos with the 2 random modes) And of course I’m always good with hours of hooping :) I think we need to do a nighttime photoshoot around random places in Orlando once you get your hoop!! Because fancy hoops need fancy pictures!!!

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