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5 Tips to Make Sure Your Rainy Wedding Day is Absolutely Amazing: From One Rained Out Bride to Another

5 Tips to Make Sure Your Rainy Wedding Day is Absolutely Amazing: From One Rained Out Bride to Another

If you’re anything like every other bride on the planet who’s planning an outdoor ceremony, you’ve been refreshing the 10 day weather forecast for your wedding location and day since, like, 20 days ago.

At least, that’s what I did and 10 days before my wedding I found out it was going to rain on my wedding day.

As soon as I saw the forecast I hit the internet for ideas to work around the rain and found some cute pics of wellies, umbrellas, etc. but nothing to really calm my nerves and certainly nothing from a bride who had to deal with actual rain.

Now that it’s all over I wish someone had told me what I’m about to tell you:
Girl, take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay. You planned to have your wedding outdoors, you know, in beautiful “nature.” Rain is a big effing part of nature. Embrace that ish, move on, and have fun!

Seriously, from one rained out bride to another, here are the steps you need to take to have a BAD ASS wedding, not despite the rain but because of it!

1. Be decisive: Do not agonize over what you’re going to do about, or how you’re going to cope with, the rain. Decide early on what you want to do if it’s raining and stick to it.

We did it in the rain and it was absolutely beautiful!
We did it in the rain and it was absolutely beautiful!

We wanted an outdoor ceremony no matter what. So, we told our guests to bring umbrellas and plan to either stand the whole time or get a wet ass.Β  And they did! Because guess what? It’s your wedding day! This is the one time in your life you can tell a huge group of people that they have to stand in the rain and they will be happy to do so!

You want your ceremony outside? Have it outside! You’re okay with the inclement weather plan for your venue? Then go ahead and decide to have it inside!

Regardless of your decision, don’t agonize over it for longer than 10 minutes because that will only stress you out. Discuss your plan with your fiance and venue, make a decision, and go with it.

2. Trust your vendors: You hired professionals who are familiar with your venue, their craft, and the local weather. Trust them to do what they’re good at.

Katy Cook - Scaling a wall to get the perfect rainy wedding shot!
Katy Cook – Scaling a wall to get the perfect rainy wedding shot!

When we told our vendors we wanted to do it outside, even though it was raining, they didn’t even bat an eyelash. In fact, our photographer got really excited because no one EVER opts to go outside in the rain.

Remember, this is *your* day and not only will your guests do what you want, but so will your vendors. Relax, and trust them.

Your photographer will do what needs to be done to get the shots you wanted (ours scaled a wall and brought an assistant to hold an umbrella over her and her camera). Your florist will get everything set-up, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Your officiant can hold an umbrella throughout the ceremony, and depending on your music selection, your DJ or live music will make it work.

3. Be prepared: We all know you’ve been looking at the forecast. Go buy matching umbrellas for your wedding party and some cute wellies like, NOW.

Five Rainy Wedding Day Tips
Being Prepared with matching parasols – Tip #3 on Five Tips to Make Your Rainy Wedding Day Absolutely AMAZING!

So it’s going to rain – get over it and get ready! Nothing is more romantic than a bride and groom holding matching parasols. Nothing is more adorable than an entire bridal party holding matching umbrellas.

And if you want some cute wellies to match your wedding colors, start shopping ASAP! And remember, if it doesn’t rain you can always return what you purchased after the wedding!

I had to go to four Target’s to get eight clear bubble umbrellas for our wedding party. And I knew my Grandma was telling me she couldn’t do anything about the rain from heaven when I scored $70 wellies covered in owls for only $17 at DSW.

While it broke my heart that I was shopping for that stuff 5 days before my wedding, I am SO glad I had the foresight to do so! We rocked it!

4. Embrace it: Hey! It’s raining on your wedding day! You’re gunna get wet! Have fun with it!

Who cares if we got a bit wet? This was on my shotlist and it looks gorgeous!
Who cares if we got a bit wet? This was on my shotlist and it looks gorgeous!

Seriously, get over it and embrace it. You’re going to get wet, so go ahead and get some awesome, unique photos! Or even better – get the photos you wanted in the sunshine but with rain drops and adorable umbrellas!

Don’t be afraid to sit down in that dress – it can be laundered. Don’t be afraid to not be completely covered by an umbrella – those drops will make you glisten! And your fiance probably rented that tux, so don’t worry about him sitting down either!

It’s raining on your wedding day! Embrace it, go have fun, and get wet!

5. Appreciate it: Some seriously beautiful things happen when it rains on your wedding day…

This moment, that kiss, our very real and genuine laughter. So perfect.
This moment, that kiss, our very real and genuine laughter. So perfect.

The color saturation in your photos is going to be 10 times more beautiful in overcast/rainy weather than in the brilliant sunlight.

The pomp and circumstance of your wedding ceremony – the part that makes you the most nervous – will completely dissipate when umbrellas and rainboots come out.

There will be an amazing sense of camaraderie amongst your guests when they all have to traipse out to your ceremony site holding umbrellas and laughing at the rain.

This is going to sound cheesey but it is true: Your smile will be brighter and more brilliant than any sunshine that could have been in your photos. And the rain will only make you shine even brighter.

No one, I mean NO ONE, will forget watching two people declare their love in the rain. Which means that your wedding will, quite literally, be unforgettable.

Bonus Tip: Send Alanis Morissette a big, mental F-You for making ‘rain on your wedding day’ seem like a bad thing.

Rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to suck, and it damn sure isn’t ironic. Take my advice and it might just be the best thing that ever happened to your wedding!

The perfect kiss captured in the rain.
The perfect kiss captured in the rain.

All photos courtesy of the most amazing, most talented, most fantastic Asheville wedding photographer EVER who helped make our day absolutely unforgettable: Ms. Katy Cook of Katy Cook Photography.

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  • I’m so glad I came across this!!! I’m having an outdoor wedding in 2 days,, it’s supposed to rain…. Then be nothing but sunshine starting the day after! I’m so annoyed haha!!! Trying to overcome disappointment and frustration and embrace it…. After all, at the end of the day, rain or not, I’ll be married to the love of my life πŸ™‚

  • Aww thank you for commenting Nichole! I hope your wedding was amazing and all that you hoped!!

  • This was a great read! Thanks for sharing! With talks of rain on both the day before and after my wedding I was a bit nervous but after reading your article, I’m going to Target this week just to be prepared with umbrellas! Thanks!!

  • Hi! We are getting married outside in ten days! Forecast calling for rain. Your story has helped alleviate my stress tremendously! Thanks so much for sharing! Your pictures are lovely! Such a memorable day!

  • My husband sent me this post three days before our wedding. The forecast was dire, and that was only the beginning of our issues. After reading this, we decided to embrace it all. From the monsoon that flooded our venue, to our caterer not bringing the appetizer plates, to the wrong first dance song, to our officiant going into early labor, it’s all a part of our beautiful wedding day. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for giving me permission to”grive” my perfect vision and the notion to accept the new reality and make it truly the best day of my life.

  • Oh my gosh thank you so much for these kind words!!! And thanks for taking the time to comment!!! I will say, I did totally break down when I saw that rain forecast, but ya know – I just had to let go over the vision I had and embrace the day I got. And it was SO much better than anything I could have imagined. I’m so happy to hear you found my tips helpful and I KNOW your wedding will go off without a hitch, regardless of the hourly-season!! πŸ™‚ Congratulations and please share photos!! I LOVE wedding pics!!! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much for this blog! While our wedding is only in April next year (only 6 months away!!!) i live in Mossel Bay, South Africa, which is known for having four seasons in one day! We have booked our venue and are Having an outside forest wedding and I started freaking out at the thought of wind or rain on our day. You have calmed me and given me some great ideas, thank you so much!!! You have such an amazing attitude where most would be angry and upset. What a special characteristic to have, don’t ever change. We need more people like you in the world! πŸ™‚

  • Oh gosh I needed this getting married in 10 days so I’m looking at that 10 day forecast and it’s suppose to rain! Thank you! !! I definitely needed to read that!

  • Hi Erik, thank you so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment!! Please feel free to share our story with appropriate link! I would love to help other rainy wedding day brides embrace the rain and have an amazing day! πŸ™‚

  • Hi there, just read your post about your wedding day and the choice you made to get married in the rain anyway. Great!! Would live to use it on my site. Is that ok with you? Of course I will mention that the story is yours!!


    Erik Wardekker

  • Hi Caroline,

    First of all – thank you so, so much for sharing this with me! I always wonder how weddings turn out for brides who read about my big, rainy wedding day. And who doesn’t love looking at gorgeous wedding photos?

    Secondly – Speaking of gorgeous wedding photos… YOUR WEDDING WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! Everything, that *dress,* the venue, your archway, the colors, your bridal party, and of course you and your husband, was just breathtaking! “Magical” is exactly the right word. Well done!

    And finally – you’re so completely and totally welcome. I wrote the words I wish I had been able to read on my rainy wedding day. I’m so glad everything turned out!!


  • I just wanted to say that I read your blog the week of my wedding at the end of July when I’d just found out torrential rain was forecast for most of our day. It made me feel far more positive and gave me a kick up the bum to buy lovely wellies and to think about adapting our plans. What resulted was simply magical:

    So from a previously very stressed bride and now very happy wife, THANK YOU!

  • You’re so welcome! It sounds like you’ve def got tip #1 down – your decision is made and you’re going to stick with it! Good luck getting ready and finding any rainy wedding day accessories to help pull off your big day! I have no doubt it will be amazing no matter what. πŸ™‚

    And omg 10 days!! CONGRATULATIONS!! πŸ™‚

  • THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS BLOG. Today is literally 10 days away from my wedding and after I checked the forecast, was crushed at the 60% – 70% chance of rain! My ceremony is planned to be outdoors at my parent’s house. My Dad constructed a beautiful arbor next to a river and it cannot be moved. If it does rain, I am inspired to have the ceremony outside anyway. A few guests might complain, but they can wait inside if they complain! Your photos are lovely!

  • Oh ACE is the word! You will have an amazing day! Prepare for any sitch and go with it! And if you blog, please come back and share your pics! I’d love to see them! πŸ™‚

  • I’m so glad I found this, thank you so much for posting! You’ve given me hope, and more than that, a kick ass sense of OUR DAY being ace no matter what happens πŸ™‚ x

  • Awww you’re so welcome! If there’s love at your wedding, it doesn’t matter what the weather is! Good luck and please let me know how it goes. I would love to see fellow rainy-wedding-day bride’s photos! Good luck and CONGRATS!!! πŸ™‚

  • Hi! I simply googled “outdoor weddings in the rain” and found this post. God bless you!!! I’m getting married next Friday in Atlanta and have been watching the weather reports. It seems as though the pin keeps stopping on “afternoon t-storms.” I truly love the outdoors, so my fiancΓ© believes that I won’t freak out in the rain. Well, I’m glad I read this blog, because now I definitely will NOT freak. I just ordered some pretty ruffled parasol-style umbrellas for my girls and me and I’m hyped! Thank you for sharing! Shanice

  • Hi there,

    I hear ya on the 70% chance of rain… mine was 100%. And it looks like a light rain or drizzle thanks to my photographer. I’ll be honest – we got pretty wet. And no one could hear our vows because of the rain on their umbrellas. So not a light rain at all.

    But we heard them… and our bridal party heard them… and when I said “I do” I chose to say “Challenge accepted!” and I yelled it out so everyone could hear it and they all cheered. And everyone knew when we kissed and cheered that. πŸ™‚

    Do what feels right, lady. If you have a good indoor option and that makes you feel better – TAKE IT! We had a GREAT indoor option but when we rehearsed indoors the first row of guests was right under our noses. I looked at my future-husband and saw sheer panic in his eyes! So for us, indoor wasn’t that great even though it would have been lovely. πŸ™‚

    Talk with your husband-to-be and go with what works best for you! I just know that this was the right decision for us. πŸ™‚

  • Your story is very inspiring and it did calm me just a bit but I’m still feeling super stressed. Forecast is expecting thunderstorms with a 70% chance of rain. Your pictures look like a light rain or a drizzle. I’m concerned it will rain cats and dogs :/ . What if my hair flattens? My make up smears? How will everyone eat their food in the rain?… UGH!

  • Awww! Pro-Tip! Call Target beforehand and make sure they have them! I had to find all mine at several different targets because each one had 10 clear umbrellas, but only 2 or 4 had the silver trim.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes! I’m sure it will be beautiful and SO unique! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • UGH! I love this article so much. Running out to target during lunch. My beach ceremony has a huge chance of rain (4 days away and it says rain). Your pictures are wonderful and just make me feel so much better. Thank you!!

  • Do it!!! Our wedding was exactly one year ago now and people are STILL talking about how awesome it was. As long as your wedding reflects your heart and spirit, it will be awesome no matter what! πŸ™‚


  • Thank you. So freaking much. My fiance and I are big outdoors people, and we really want a wedding at the park that we had our first date at. The end. Were doing it. Rain or shine! Thanks again girl, you’re awesome.

  • Thanks for sharing, Rachel! I loved my rainy wedding day too and can’t imagine my photos withOUT umbrellas! BTW: Your dress – GORG!!! Your style is super chic!! WELL DONE!!!

  • Hi Olivia! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! I’m so glad you found my tips helpful. I can’t tell you how clutch it was to be prepared well in advance. You can always return what you don’t use, but having those clear umbrellas and rain boots will help put your mind at ease. Definitely talk to your photog too and make sure they have a contingency plan for rain (bringing a back-up to hold an umbrella, scouting good spots for photos underneath the rain, etc.).

    Good luck, but more importantly: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! πŸ™‚

  • I am so so so glad I saw this post… I’ve been planning my wedding for some time now and though we’re not getting married until October, I’m terrified that it’s going to rain on my wedding day (I mean, it could snow too, that’s ohio for you). But I’m dead set on an outdoor wedding and the only place I can have my wedding where it will be PERFECT (I’m really picky) charges a nice amount and I don’t get a refund if it rains. So I pretty much have to have my wedding there regardless of the weather unless I want to swallow all that money… But this really helped me feel better >< I know I can work around the rain definitely… And heck, it's MY day anyway. Thank you ^^ this has helped so much! I know I have a while to go though!

  • Head over to, make a profile and then make a bio to share them when you’re ready! Hope to see you around there!

  • My photogrpher has only shared a sneak peak so far, so I am dying to see pictures as well! I don’t have a blog, but will figure out a way to share them with you and everyone else dying to see too.

    I think these stories will definitely help give future brides a brighter outlook for when it rains on their wedding day!

  • Hey Ashley – thanks for sharing your story! I am kind of dying to see photos, to be honest! Do you have a blog or post on WeddingBee that you can share? I can’t imagine dealing with rain in a desert. When we booked our wedding date we checked out rain and saw that there could be some that time of year, but we were primarily worried about the cold weather. It never occurred to me to even worry about rain in Asheville until I saw the weather forecast – that I’d been checking to temperatures!

    I agree that the rain is definitely a sign we can happily endure anything. We wrote thank you cards to our guests that mentioned helping us weather our first storm together as husband and wife.

    I kind of wish the ‘rain on your wedding day’ didn’t have such a bad rap, and I hope our stories can help with that!

  • We just got married this November here in Gilbert, AZ. I had never in all my planning contemplated a rainy day scenario. November is always cool and calm, hence our lakeside ceremony and backyard reception were planned completely outdoors. But what do you know, 10 days out and there were lighting bolts and rain drops. I was devastated, a whole year of planning and visualizing going down the drain! It wasn’t until 2 days before that I started to get excited. What was I thinking? I live in AZ and absolutely love desert rain! I went out and found big black umbrellas at the $.99 only store and was able to get enough for my wedding party and for any guests who didn’t think to bring one.
    To try and make a long story short… after 3 days of recorded breaking rainfall, actually the worst storm in November in 100 years, we braved the weather and did our ceremony outside (we even added a few touches about braving the storm to our vows). For the reception, we had to move inside my fil’s house, and did our first dance (Come Away With Me – Norah Jones) in the kitchen/living room next to the fireplace, with 100 people crowded around us. I can’t even begin tell you how beautiful and intimate it actually was. Everyone had tears rolling down their faces!

    By the end of the night there wasn’t one person who didn’t come up to tell me how magical the rain had made our day and how it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to. I can’t help but think that the rain was a sign that we can happily endure anything!

  • Awww Elizabeth! Go ahead and cry, girl. I did. It had to happen. Just get it out and move on to getting ready for the rain. I was actually on my honeymoon (we did it 5 months later) when you commented. Please reply to let me know how your day turned out! I’m sure it was gorgeous!!

  • Hi Cate – thank you for stopping by! I am sure your wedding photos will be amazing, and I am SURE it was a beautiful wedding no matter what. It’s all about the smiles and love from the bride and groom to each other. Rain can’t ruin it. πŸ™‚

    Please reply to share your photos if you blog!! I am sure they’re gorgeous!!

  • Oh Katy I am SO glad you found my blog!! I hope your wedding was as amazing as ours was and that you did what was right for you! Please reply to let me know how it turned out – if you blog I would LOVE to see the photos!!

  • Thank you, Lauren!

    I know when I first saw the forecast I immediately thought of how our photos would be ruined, but they did turn out absolutely amazing.

    I’m sure you’ll have all the courage you need when the time comes. It’s in you, just waiting to be referenced, when tough decisions like this are presented. Go with your gut!!

  • WOW! Your pictures are gorgeous. The rain makes them so unique and naturally beautiful. I love it.

    I am not a bride yet…not even engaged. But I hope when my time comes that I can be as bold and confident with any and all such decisions.

    Sometimes I think people get caught up in wanting their pictures (and the entire day, for that matter) to be “perfect.” They lose focus on the fact that, as you said, it is *your* day, and perfection is defined by the bride and groom.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and story!


  • I stumbled upon your blog while looking up picture ideas on Pinterest for my outdoor wedding this weekend. Since I stumbled upon your blog… You guessed it…the forecast calls for rain/storms. I am a naturally anxious, stressed person so you can imagine the devastation I’ve felt over the last two days. I have cried, prayed, and said my new life mantra several times over ( pray for peace and let it go!).

    I’m still very upset about the potential rain. We were planning on an outdoor ceremony with our reception in a barn but our backup is the whole thing in the barn. More than anything I want outdoor pictures, as we have beautiful country landscape all around us. However, I certainly feel so much better after reading your blog! I’m going to get umbrella’s tomorrow and hope for the best.

    Thank you for sharing your story! Please feel free to offer any other advice on getting over it and embracing the rain!!

  • Just wanted to be another bride to say THANKS for this post!!! I got married a few weeks ago where it was rained out from what was supposed to be a beautiful outdoor garden ceremony. I wish I had seen this sooner to consider having the ceremony outside regardless of the dang rain – we had moved it under the tent. While everyone has said it was a “perfect” and “beautiful” wedding, I’ll admit I still get the creeping feeling of paranoia wondering if everyone truly had fun or if the rain ruined it for them. I think the rain only ruined my original vision of what was “supposed” to have happened, and that I agree with what you’ve said that the rain led to a very real & genuine wedding. Slowly I’ve accepted that it all turned out how it was supposed to – the reception was an absolute blast – and I hope my pictures turn out as beautiful as yours did!! Thank you for helping to ease the anxiety of other future brides!! I hope if any of my friends getting married in the future have rain in their forecast I can help calm their nerves the same way. It does mean a very happy marriage, which is what really matters!

  • OMG I am sitting here at the computer sobbing. I just checked my wedding day forecast and it’s calling for rain. I found this on Google (thank God for Google), and it’s so lovely. I am going to read it again and again until I stop crying and start feeling better. Thank you so much for writing such a positive and inspirational post!

  • I will tell you now, as a wedding photographer I would absolutely LOVE to shoot a wedding in the rain. I absolutely agree that rain makes for some great photos (as long as the photographer knows what they are doing). And it seems like your photographer did know what she was doing.

    I actually wish it would have rained on my wedding day because my wife and I love the rain! Thanks for sharing the pictures and I hope that someday I get to shoot a rainy wedding! (Shouldn’t be too hard since I live in Seattle).

  • Thank you so much for this! I was devestated at first to gear it will rain on my big day… gave me some much needed hope!
    Tres inspiring

  • Hi Patrick,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and letting me know how our rainy day was able to positively effect yours! I can’t tell you how much it means to us to hear this.

    I know on our big – rainy – day I was a total wreck, and evvvveryone tried to tell me to lighten up but no one had actually gone through it. I wrote the words I wish I’d been able to find on our wedding day, and with the perspective of someone who’s been there!

    Congratulations on your marriage and all the best from me and Vince!!! Best wishes for your new life!!!

  • We came home to California for a wedding where we grew up this last week and enjoyed a full week of warm sunshine. Then two days before the wedding the rain clouds crept into the forecast as a possibility…

    Yesterday we woke up to rain with a forecast of rain for the better part of our wedding day. My bride to be was absolutely crushed πŸ™

    I couldn’t seem to find or say anything to help her feel better, and then I found this blog. She was staring at the weather & Doppler on her iPhone so I gave her mine with this page on it and she started reading…and smiling πŸ™‚ We decided to press on as planned with the ceremony & pictures outside.

    Our day turned out to be absolutely wonderful. We had quite a bit of rain during pictures but our perseverance (and the umbrellas) made our wedding pictures unique and memorable.

    We covered all the chairs for the ceremony with plastic, re-staked and repaired the arch after the wind blew it down (flowers and all), and laid plastic down for the aisle & entrance over the grass. Groom & groomsmen removed the plastic, wiped down the chairs and helped seat guests as the ladies made their way out.

    The rain subsided and we got the ceremony off to a start about 20 minutes after we originally planned. Not bad!!

    Thank you so much for your blog, it really helped us turn our (rainy) day into something very memorable & special and I hope others find it too.

  • Oh my gosh, Katie thank you SO much for this comment! I just read it aloud to my husband and we are both so flattered by your thoughts. We absolutely loved our rainy wedding day and though it was not our vision or what we had planned, it was soooo much more unique and beautiful than anything we had dreamed or intended.

    You are so welcome to link to my post and share it with future brides who may need the perspective. I wrote it because this was the perspective *I* needed as I faced down a 100% chance of rain on my wedding day so I hope it can do what others what I needed done for me: Give hope and reassurance that no matter what the weather, it will be the best. day. of. their. LIVES!

    Thank you a million times over! Please come back and comment with the photos of your upcoming shoot! I’m sure it will turn out great!!

  • I haven’t read such an amazing outlook in a long time! I love the “look on the bright side (slight pun, though not intended:)” thinking outside of the box mentality you took with your rainy wedding day! I came across this because I’ll be shooting an engagement session in two days, and they’re calling for rain! The groom-to-be lives out of state and is making a special trip for the session, so we can’t exactly postpone it. I’m personally excited, but I’m not sure how my bride- and groom-to-be will enjoy it, so I’ve been searching for some great “pros” to a rainy shoot to give as examples. This is beautiful! Your wedding was gorgeous, and you are SO right about your smile shining brighter than the sun could have- I think it’s because you chose to approach it in a positive way, so that positivity is shining through you.
    Would you mind if I linked to your post in my blog someday? I’m not yet planning a post regarding this issue, but I love tucking little tidbits back in my mind for when I’m blogging about “how to deal with _________ on your wedding day”, and if/when I touch on the topic of rain, it would be LOVELY to have a perspective of someone who experienced, survived- and enjoyed it on her big day.
    Congratulations on your new life together! And especially on being an adventurous individual so full of sunshine that she can embrace a situation that would have had most brides in tears- this speaks worlds about who you are as a person!

  • Thank you, Klair! Your umbrellas are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had been able to find something like that for our big day, but I will say the clear/transparent ones were clutch!

    But even if it’s not raining, umbrella’s are beautiful accessories to have at a wedding. I look at wedding photos without them now and feel like they’re missing something!

    Have shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages – Loved your approach to the rainy day – Exactly what we think about rainy wedding days!

  • Hey Merari, I’m so glad you FOUND this post!

    I know how it feels to type something into Google like ‘rainy wedding day’ or ‘it’s going to rain on my wedding day’ to pray someone figured out how to hold back rain or otherwise make it so your wedding day won’t suck. Well, I am proof that it won’t!

    Whatever happens, make decisions with your soon-to-be husband and enjoy the love and positivity that will surround you. It will be an amazing day, I promise.

    Good luck and congratulations on your wedding! I’m sure it will be beautiful!! πŸ™‚

  • Your article just literally made me cry. I am going get married in a few days and everything you said is SO TRUE. I am going to make the absolute best out of this with joy and grace. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Awww girl, I totally understand that feeling when you see those raindrops because that was totally me. πŸ™

    I will be honest – I called my Dad when I saw the forecast and cried pretty long and loud. The vision I had of our wedding ceremony did not include rain and I needed to mourn the loss of that vision.

    But when it was all said and done the loss of that vision was exactly why I wrote this blog post. Because the wedding we got instead was so much better than the vision of the one we had – not despite the rain but because of it! It was more fun, more casual, more conversational, way more unique, and incredibly more memorable.

    (Sidenote: I wrote this post right after the wedding. Three months later I can tell you that almost every single guest has told me or the hubs and said they were SO glad we did it in the rain and that it was a wedding they will remember forever! In a good way!)

    Just get a game plan in place now, get umbrellas, and get in touch with your vendors to make sure they are aware of the weather and have a heads-up of your plans.

    It will be beautiful regardless of how the weather behaves, I promise! Just because it’s not what you envisioned doesn’t mean it can’t be better! Good luck and more importantly – CONGRATULATIONS! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Hi Kathryn! Thanks for reading, commenting, and complimenting! πŸ˜€

    We actually did our reception indoors. Our venue looked like a little castle and was totally beautiful inside. We worried about cold weather but it never occurred to us to worry about rain until we saw the forecast. It caught us so incredibly off-guard.

    So if you’re already accounting for it, I’m sure you will be fine! I have seen weddings that did outdoor receptions in the rain, but they were under big tents. The only concern I would have then is just access to and from a bathroom, and if you would be able to hear each other while the rain came down on the tent.

    Good luck planning! It’s so much fun and will be one of the best days ever – no matter what the weather! πŸ™‚

  • Hi!

    Fab post with beautiful pictures πŸ™‚

    My fiance and I just today started considering the possibility of having a picnic/bbq wedding reception but I’m just not sure what people would think of a few hours in the (probable) rain with no refuge!

    Was your reception indoors?

    Kathryn x

  • Thank you.. this seriously calmed me down a little bit. I’ve been doing exactly what you mentioned about refreshing my weather app for weeks now. today my wedding day finally showed up, August 17th. And what do you know it, RAIN! My wedding is supposed to be on the beach. It’s what I’ve wanted since I was a little girl. I cried when I saw the little rain drops on my day of the week… Glad I found this page. Going umbrella shopping tomorrow! Thanks!

  • Aww thank you for commenting! You are SO welcome. I wrote the words I needed to hear when I was looking at the possibility of having a rained out wedding.

    I won’t lie – I was a stressed out mess on that day. But as soon as my husband and I made the joint decision to do it in the rain, all my anxiety went away and I was nothing but smiles.

    In fact, when I look at wedding photos that *don’t* have umbrellas, they look kinda weird and incomplete!

    Whatever happens, own it! Good luck and big congratulations to you and your soon-to-be husband!!! I’m sure your day will be amazing and beautiful no matter WHAT!

  • Hi there,
    I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I’m getting married in 13 days in the UK and the weather is unreliable to say the least! I’ve been getting so anxious about the forecast which is saying showers and getting into such a flap. You’re blog and attitude has calmed my nerves greatly and given me a sense of perceptive. So thank you for helping me to enjoy the run up to my wedding and letting go of weather worry (not to say I won’t be refreshing the weather forecast multiple times a day!)
    August 2013 Bride x

  • Thanks, Snappy Cat! We loved our photos too, and there are quite a few of the wet pavement shots that are just full of win! I won’t lie, I was definitely stressed out the day of our wedding. But once we made the decision – together – to do it outside in the rain anyway, everything was suddenly, magically, okay.

    Thanks for commenting! Love your domain and handle!! πŸ˜‰

  • I absolutely love your rainy day wedding photos!!! Your advice is really sound, too – as a fellow rainy day bride, I agree that you have to just roll with the weather. Some of my favorite pics were those of us walking with our umbrellas on shiny, wet pavement – never would have had those on a bright, sunny day!

  • Lady I could not have done it without you! When Vince and I read your blog and got to the part about our joint decision to go forward with the rain… huge smiles. Thank you for being so wonderful. We adore you and you helped make our wedding day perfect! πŸ™‚

  • I am lame! I realized I told you I was going to blog about it but never sent you the link! But yay!!! I’m so glad you found it. I hope it gets pinned and linked and loved like crazy so that your work gets the admiration it deserves! I’ll get on that ‘moving to Asheville’ thing ASAP! πŸ˜€

  • Whoa! I never saw this! You should have told me to look out for it. lol. I’m in love with the post and the both of you and everything. Now…just move to Asheville and have a baby already. πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks, Amy!!! The rain seriously had an amazingly positive effect on our wedding. So many guests have told me how awesome/memorable/special our wedding was – no one even batted an eyelash when we said it was going down outside, despite the rain. I had girls holding their heels and treading out in the wet grass, dudes picking girls up to help them down a hill, old people leaning on young people – no one even paused to consider doing otherwise.

    If you want to get married at your cabin, DO IT. Rain, mud, whatever! It will draw everyone together and be amazing no matter what! πŸ™‚

  • this is incredible!!!! I am so afraid of getting married in my dream venue in the rain… mainly because it’s at my cabin and it gets SO muddy. But this just made me feel so much better about it. Rent a tent – hope it’s not freezing and know what’s meant to be will be!!

  • Thanks, girl! I have way to many friends who said their biggest regret was photos. The price tag definitely on the high side but it was worth every single penny. I convinced Vince that we needed this photog by asking him wtf the point was of spending all the money on everything else if we weren’t even going to document it properly. It worked. πŸ™‚

  • Love your pics! Makes me sad that mine were so sucky. I only had about 5 pics from my wedding that I really liked from the photographer. There were a couple good ones from guests too but that’s about it.

  • Yes! There was NO denying that you were carrying red soles! How could they be missed?!

    Thank you so much for standing in the rain for us. It really was unforgettable and completely amazing. You are one of 4 people who really knew how stressed I was the days leading up to our wedding, and how often I kept looking at the weather forecast. And it turned out completely fine!

    Now, if it had been a monsoon or a Florida-style rain… well… we would have moved it inside. But it was steady, slow, and we figured you guys could handle it (most of the folks in the crowd were Floridians).

    Love you for so many reasons, but walking on the grass and carrying your Loubs to my wedding ceremony is near the top. πŸ™‚

  • Unforgettable to the max! People ask about your wedding and I tell them you got married in the rain, and not just a drizzle, in the RAIN. At first their reaction is one of shock, then I show that last picture and the “gasps” and “oohs and aahhhs” roll in effortlessly.
    Sure I had to hold my Loubs, but those babies were NOT getting wet. Plus the grass was soft and then everyone knew I was wearing Louboutin. bonus.

    I’m about to tear up Pinterest with these pics (and link back/ give props to you & your photog, rightfully)

  • Oh. my. lord. HAHAHAHA!!! My Codalina. How I love thee. πŸ™‚

    Now is probably not a good time to tell you I had hankies in my purse, huh? Jess brought them and I had them ready in case I cried… coulda used those when you wiped off my cold, wet toes. I suck! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for being amazing. Your wedding day will come one day and I will do all of this for you. You were truly my Best Man and the only person besides Vince who takes care of *me* as much as I take care of everyone else.

    Massage day is coming up!!!!!!

  • This could not be better said Lady…..
    Oh!!! Wait!!! I was telling you this all morning LOL…

    But Seriously, listen up! Because I have something to add to help the Bride even more!!!

    To all the Bridesmaids out there or Brides men like me, Stay Positive no matter what mood that Bride is in. Keep that bride on track and get her to the Alter or Rainy Grassy Knoll in this case. Things to say; “Don’t worry about it, Stop Stressing babe, its just rain, whatever, be optimistic, do ya want a drink, here take some medication lol”. I know I know, they sorta can not hear that through all the thoughts of ” Uhh my guests, my hair, my make up.. wait I did her makeup and no worries there, that isn’t going anywhere & that is true brides. Don’t stress about make up and rain, if you have a professional its gravy baby, I am! But Seriously Bridesmaids, the pricey photographer, the officiant, sound, flowers, will all work out. Just as Ally said “once the decision is made” and your roped into that dress.. Literally! She wasn’t going anywhere, I roped her in to where breathing was minimal, till meal time. Just enough not to faint hahahaha.

    I have to say, it was the funnest, my gorgeous wedding I have ever seen, and been apart of. Even with the rain, and my apologies to all the other brides I have had to pleasure to see get married. But this one topped the charts.

    Good Luck you Rainy Little Ducklings!
    Oh & btw pack a hankie to wipe the brides feet before she slips into her heels after walking barefoot across the grassy knoll. I thought of everything, but that.
    Love you My Fly

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