A blog before I blog

In case you guys hadn’t noticed, I blog more for me than I do for any poor person who reads this thing.

So with that, I give you: My blog before I blog.

What should really be known as: My first feeble attempt at organizing the last week before trying to write about it.

So in chronological order, here are the things I learned:

    • Driving overnight from Orlando to DC *sounds* insane and dangerous, but it’s much safer than driving with the rest of those idiots during the daylight.
      • Speaking of which, Alabama and South Carolina drivers can suck it. You people risked my life entirely too many times. Go eff yourselves.


  • It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since I hung out with my ol’ Tally crew – we can still throw down like we never skipped a beat.


Mike, Paul, Gen, Eddie, Mark, Me, Vicks, Midge, and Lauren
    • At Shabbat services, you can throw hard candy on people with upcoming nuptials!!!


  • The Blue Ridge Parkway is gorgeous, but do NOT get on it with less than a full tank of gas, don’t expect to have cell service or 3G, and don’t anticipate paved roads for exit points.



Vince looking at mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway
    • Hippies share hula hoops generously.


  • Finding a wedding venue was, for us, the experience many say dress shopping will be: When you see it, you feel something warm and tingly inside and you just know it’s the one.



  • Food in the South is disgustingly delish, and I have no restraint while on vacation.


My lunch: Burger with cheese, chillie, slaw, and mustard. DAMN.

Upcoming blog posts will include (but maybe not in this order?):

  1. The Wedding Weekend in DC for Vicks & Mike!
  2. Our Asheville vacation, and why we love it there *so much*.
  3. Wedding Venue Review: The Crest Center
  4. Wedding Venue Review: Hidden River
  5. Wedding Venue Review: Homewood
  6. Wedding Venue Review: Lake Lure Inn and Spa
  7. Wedding Venue Review: The Biltmore

So I think that’s a good way to get started. The bonus news is: I think we found our venue!!!! Which means I have a LOT of work ahead of me, I can probably ask my girls to be bridesmaids in the next few weeks, and I can start looking at dresses!!!! YAYYY!!!!

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