A date range, a state, and even a town!

I may be blogging about this prematurely, but I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.  We think we have a date range, a state, and even a town for our wedding which will hence-forth be known as “the biggest party we’ve ever thrown.”

So here’s the requirements:

  1. Vince and I really want a destination wedding, but it has to be in the states.
  2. We love beach weddings, but there’s not a beach in this country that feels right for us so we think the opposite of beach is the way to go.
  3. We want to throw this party somewhere very, very special for us as a couple.

If you recall, Vince and I spent our 5 year anniversary in Asheville, North Carolina at The Biltmore Estate and it was freaking amazing.  The town is full of awesome bars, microbreweries, head shops, hippie stores, vintage record stores, musky old book stores, restaurants, folk art shops, independently owned joints of all kind, mountains, and the largest privately owned home in America that has the sickest gardens and grounds you will ever see. Basically Vince and I were right at home and loved every piece of it.

Months before he proposed to me, we discussed how absolutely awesome it would be to throw a big party and make all our friends and family go to Asheville.

Visit Asheville.Weddings.comAnd so after ignoring questions from those we love about “when” and “where” we’ll throw our big party, we finally just decided that we’re going to do it in Asheville. It’s the only place that meets the three requirements above, and most importantly – we absolutely love it!

As for the date range – well, folks, this wedding isn’t going to pay for its self and we’ll need time to get married in Vanderbuilt style, not to mention give our guests time to prepare for a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains.  So we’re thinking April of 2013 – specifically, April 14, 2013.  And if we can’t reserve a spot at The Biltmore, it’s okay – I have backup locations in Asheville!

So fingers crossed for us! We’re REALLY excited!


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