A Perpetually Groovey New Year Celebration

Every year the question “what are we going to do for New Year’s Eve” comes up. And every year I respond with things that are best left off public forums.

But this,…errr last? year, I had no answer and all the usual pressure to make it ‘epic.’ So when our friends asked us to go to Atlanta to see their favorite band, P Groove, Vince and I hoped on board despite not really loving the band.

The drive was steered by Dave’s stomach. Seriously – our first stop on the trip was a BBQ restaurant the size of a fucking Wal-Mart called “The Smok’n Pig” (where is the “i”?!?!) just outside of Valdosta, GA.

But enough about Dave’s stomach – the real fun was in Atlanta….

Our bedroom at The Artmore Hotel in downtown Atlanta

We had two rooms in this beautiful hotel, and my first mission upon arriving in Atlanta was to catch-up with my former co-worker and should-be-Abercrombie-model, Sam. :)

Keep in mind: This is the night BEFORE New Year’s Eve.

Me and Sam - totally sober.

Me, Vince, Sam, and his girlfriend Daphne immediately started drinking at a bar I’ve seen him checkin to a million times – Front Page News.

Me and Sam's girlfriend - 4 shots and 3 drinks later...

And we kept drinking,… and drinking… and drinking…

This does not bode well...

Until eventually Vince and I were so wasted that we stumbled back to our hotel and left Sam and Daphne to fend for themselves.

The next day, our actual New Years Eve, we were completely worthless, ridiculously hungover, and not prepared to do it all over again, times 10, to ring in the new year.

Hungover Vince is hungover.

But we were ready to rally! And off to see P-Groove we went.

I’m pretty sure the lead singer was tripping. I’m positive the guys next to us were melting their faces off. And it was an fairly smokey environment considering everyone went outside to smoke cigarettes.

PGroove NYE 2011-2012

But our friends had chosen wisely – it was truly an epic show, and even epic-er-er new years eve.

Vince and I rang in the new year kissing as confetti fell into the crowd and the band covered Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up.”

Happy New Year 2012!!!

Fucking. Epic.

And the next morning? It was Johnny’s turn. :)

Carrie looks beautiful, as always!


  1. Sam says

    Did you guys see Ashy Larry on your walk back the Artmore? He had a hot hand in the game of dice! Bought himself a Kool Cigarette truck and that’s who we caught a ride with.

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