Never Cross Twitter-Audience Streams

I think by now we have all heard stories of how some company’s social media intern accidentally posted something stupid, controversial, politically charged, or otherwise inane, from an official profile.

So we all know that if you manage social media professionally, you *always* make sure you’re logged out of the corporate account before tweeting something completely stupid.

(Yes, I’m looking at you former-KitchenAid-social-media-manager….)



But what if you manage your own business or want to connect with people on social networks professionally? How do you connect with others in your industry AND shit talk your crazy in-laws behind their Facebook-back’s?

Simple: You create two Twitter accounts, and take advice from America’s favorite paranormal police:

These guys would know.

How I keep from crossing the streams:

Twitter Account #1: For my professional life. I engage with over a thousand followers, tweet about my industry, and have it connected to my LinkedIn account. When I make new business contacts, I connect with them here.

Twitter Account #2: For my personal life. And man do I mean *per. son. al.* I tweet about my cat, my cramps, and my checkins on Foursquare. I also tweet about politics, especially during debates.

I have two accounts because my two personas have very, VERY different audiences. NOTHING I tweet to one audience is relevant to the other.

If you own a small business, or hope to recruit business on social networks, this is how you should run manage your accounts.

How an Asheville Wedding DJ crossed streams (and kinda pissed me off)

So, I’m getting married in Asheville and I am looking for a DJ to MC and spin our wedding at Homewood. Naturally, I used my personal Twitter account to do some research. Which is how I found this guy.

I started following him on Twitter, he started following me back. I reached out to him and put him in touch with Vince, we got a quote.

And dude is as expensive as our venue.

*cough$3500.00 for five hours of workcough*.

That sucks, but we weren’t ruling him out. Vince really liked what he offered, so we were scoping out other options and reevaluating about how badly we needed up lighting.

And then… the second presidential debate happened.

I was doin’ my thing – tweeting, re-tweeting, and otherwise hashtagging my way into Twitter political history – when I saw this pop up in my news feed:

DJ Dylan Skidmore wants Obama to move to Iraq

er.. wait what?

Yes. Dude I am considering as a DJ for my wedding, who I would be paying almost twice the amount quoted by any other Wedding DJ in Asheville, has used his professional Twitter account to tell me he feels the President should move to Iraq…

He crossed the streams.

At first I was all like “um… what?”

Then I realized this was in response to my “GO OBAMA GO!” Tweet. (What can I say? I was excited dude showed up to the second debate.)

I checked out this DJ’s Twitter feed and sure enough, it is 99.8% committed to his business.

But there, nestled amongst all his DJ tweets and chatter about Traktor, is his public, politically-charged message to me…

So to this DJ who got *so* agitated at his potential client’s debate tweets that he reached out in a public forum and actively chose to lose business before taking a step back from his computer and thinking about his audience, I say this:


Seriously dude.

Honor the internet’s long tradition of dealing with people who have opinions different from your own and create a second, anonymous account to troll them and start fights.

And don’t cross the effing streams!


  1. says

    1) That is a lot to pay for a DJ.
    2) I know how important music and DJs are to Vince.
    3) HE DID WHAT, NOW?!

    FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!!
    So, what other DJs are on the docket? 😉

  2. says

    Girl TELL me. He was twice the price of everyone else we’ve spoken with. We’re pretty sure we found the DJ we want, and Vince pretty much interviewed them like they were applying for a full-time, salaried career.  And yes, DJ Dylan Skidmore apparently couldn’t hold back from messaging me. I don’t mind that he disagreed with me, I just think he should have done it from another account. 

    SO, other DJ’s: Mitch Fortune – lol @ the name but Vince thinks he’s awesome so that’s good enough for me – is probably going to be the one. He’s got the system Vince wants and we wanna throw a serious par-tay! :)

  3. says

    I get debating/arguing/talking about politics to people you know but someone tweeting from a predominantly business related account is just plain bad business.  At least with friends/family you can just start talking again after the election and it’s all gravy but with his business, he is losing potential clients (potential $$ in his pockets) and nobody else loses other than him.

    P. S.does that DJ price come with a happy ending? Jebus, that ish is expensive!

  4. says

    I’m so glad you guys found me! I had an absolute blast tonight! You both were so easy to work with! I have to give you props for toughing it out and still having your ceremony outside, despite Mother Nature trying to screw things up with a non-stop heavy rain. Your reception was a blast, and I loved that your guests were an EDM friendly crowd. I loved that they were very receptive to music that I don’t normally get to play at most events! Thank you both for having me out tonight, and I wish you and Vince all the best!

    With all my love,
    DJ Mitch Fortune

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