Asheville Wedding Venue Research Time

Okay I know, I know – we have like, over two years.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t start researching now, right?

So I’ve picked a myriad of venues that we’re going to have to take a long weekend to Ashville and visit:

1. The Biltmore Estate: This is our dream location. There is quite a selection of wedding locations around this amazing estate, but the one that’s most affordable and practical for our use is Deerpark Restaurant.ย  It was a barn until the 1970’s, and now it’s a U shaped building with floor to ceiling glass doors and windows. Ceremony would be in the red brick court yard, reception would follow behind the glass doors that would open up to enable a dance floor in the court yard.ย  For this, an evening wedding would be best so that we could run around The Biltmore Estate taking photos ALL DAY!

2. The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa: Second to The Biltmore in Asheville is The Grove Park Inn.ย  I’m not as knowledgeable about the various wedding venue options, since their website and downloadable .pdf’s aren’t as informative as The Biltmore’s, but that’s okay. This venue looks amazing and it is second on our list of “must see in person.” Best part: Ceremony can be held with a mountain view in the background…

3. The Crest Center: This is a much more rustic spin on our wedding, and I’m not opposed to it! They have a lovely gazebo, but the Crest Center has an indoor space with a huge vista window view of The Blue Ridge Mountains and looks really lovely. The number one drawback is the on-site accomodates are a bit TOO rustic for my tastes. I’d like something more modern to stay in,… but that can be negotiated since this is super close to Asheville! Must see it in person!

4. Homewood: I am so confused about this location. First of all, if you have a crappy website, I don’t trust you. But when I see pictures of a castle-like building and really cool indoor spaces on OTHER websites,… I’m intrigued. Apparently Homewood is a restored, 1920’s stone manor in Asheville’s post-Victorian historic district of Montford – sounds like win to me! So I’m adding it to the list of places we need to check out, even though their website leaves much to be desired.

5. The Farm: I can honestly tell you I have zero desire to get married somewhere called “The Farm,” but then I read “wrap around porch” and thought I’d dig a little deeper. This is the MOST rustic end of the spectrum for us, but I think it’s really lovely. Definitely going to be on our hit list for an Asheville visit! Oh, and The Gazebo there looks really lovely.

Now,…. to start the guest list and finally look at this “B” word people keep bringing up… oh right, BUDGET! YIKES!


  1. girlchristian says

    I sure wouldn't want to be the one to decide between those places, they're all beautiful. I'd have to take a trip up there in April on the date of your wedding the year before to see what the weather is like, if it's lovely and not a rainy season I love that gazebo outside. But then that castle, that one is lovely also, but you're right, the website isn't good. It'll be beautiful no matter where you have the wedding. Hugs and love

  2. Two Ring Studios says

    Thanks for linking to our site. We love photographing weddings at Biltmore. We have worked at all of these venues and can give you an opinion about each from a photographer's point-of-view :)If you'd like to use any general shots of ours for your blog, let me know. -Derek

  3. Crown'd Vic says

    You know what your heart wants. YOu also know that no matter the location, the day will be magical and wonderful. Go with what speaks to you and your heart. And listen to your heart.(then don't stress)!

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