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Bringing Our Amputee Home

Seeing Lexi one hour after surgery on Friday was heartbreaking.

Seeing her an entire 24 hours after surgery and on narcotics the next day made it all better. 🙂

When we got to the vet Saturday morning they ushered us back and said Lexi couldn’t come home because she hadn’t pee’d since before her surgery. We were pretty sad because we missed her like crazy and were worried sick. But they said a visit with us might help, so they brought her in and she walk-hopped right up to us all on her own!

And she then promptly laid down in a puddle of drug-induced purrs.

Lexi resting in Daddy's hands
Lexi resting in Daddy’s hands

Now, Lexi is not known for being sweet. If anything, she is known for being a picky, particular diva. But on Saturday she was walk-hoping, purring, and being absurdly lovey. After about 30 minutes of loving on us the vet tech brought in a littler box, she used the bathroom, and was cleared to come home.

And then she promptly stretched out into a puddle of drug-induced purrs.

Lexi showing how hard life is as an amputee.

We spent most of Saturday napping together, but she also showed off her ability to adapt to one back leg. Only 24 hours after surgery and she was able to do the following:

  • Jump off of the bed and the cat tower.
  • Jump onto the bed – not quite making it, but digging in with her front claws to pull herself up.
  • Use the litter box – this is the most challenging thing and what she struggles with the most, but she gets the job done.
  • Eat. Girlfriend had quite the appetite when she got home.
  • Haul ass – when she really wants to get somewhere (example: the food bowl) her gait is not too dissimilar from her four-legged trot.

On Friday, Vince and I questioned if we had made the right decision. On Saturday, we looked at her and knew it would all be okay.

In fact, she has moments of such peace now that we wonder if the tumor caused her more pain than we thought. Of course we won’t really be able to say that conclusively until she sobers up, and that is coming all too soon.

I wish I could say everything has been going like clockwork since Saturday, but it hasn’t. Her nub has had some pretty scary, and apparently painful, spasms. She’s growled in pain. We’ve held her and put ice packs on her butt. She’s gotten frustrated with her new limitations and screamed at us. We’ve followed her around the house to make sure she doesn’t settle in to pick at her stitches. She got one out anyway….

The last two days haven’t been easy.

But at the end of the day, we have our Lexikins with us – with all her diva attitude and extra purrs – and our little family of four is complete, minus one cancerous leg.

Our kitty amputee is home, and while it won’t be easy, we do believe everything is going to be okay.

4 thoughts on “Bringing Our Amputee Home”

  • 1) I am so glad Lexi is recovering well.
    2) I am so glad you & Vince are recovering well.
    3) I hope that moving forward everything continues to improve.
    4) I hope that we can cross “cancer” off Lexi’s list of ish to deal with in her life.
    5) …likewise I hope we can forevermore cross cancer off you and Vince’s life struggles.
    6) I wish no more physical or mental anguish on your household.

    I wish you all only the best, moving forward!!
    I’m thankful for a successful surgery.

  • I can’t believe she’s jumping on the bed already. Once she’s all healed, it sounds like she’ll be just like new.
    By the way, I loved your last post so much. I think I’m gonna link to it on my blog so I’m not the only sap crying over your sweet kitty.

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