Wedding Cupcakes: We did what?

Purple and Blue Wedding Ombre Cupcakes

I was pretty much all wedding-blogged out, but then Vicki posted a collage of our cupcakes and I was like "wait... I got one more in me!" I know what you're thinking and probably what most of our guests thought: Cupcakes at a wedding? How unique.... And I agree. It's the hot thing to do since cupcakes exploded in popularity around 2007. Since everyone was doing it, it was automatically one of the last things *I* wanted to do. But last year our friends Alicia and Ryan got married in South Continue Reading

Our Amazing Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer: Katy Cook Photography

11 - amazing-asheville-wedding-photographer-homewood-asheville

I've been trying to write this post for over three weeks now and all I could come up with is: "I love you, Katy Cook!" and "We had the most amazing wedding photographer ever!" Talking to my guests hasn't helped either. All I hear from them is "Your wedding photographer was awesome!" "She was everywhere!"  "She rocked!"  "I can't believe how long she stayed!"  "We loved her!" and "Holy ish, your photos!" All of that is true, and then some. How I Found Katy Cook Photography: We were three Continue Reading

Rehearsal Dinner at The Book Exchange and Champagne Bar in Asheville

Unique Asheville, NC Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Location

Since ours was a destination wedding that required guests take a pricey vacation, Vince and I wanted to a) hang out with our friends as much as possible, and b) feed/inebriate people as much as possible. So when it came time to plan the rehearsal dinner, we knew we wanted to host pretty much everyone attending the wedding. The big question was "Where in Asheville could host 60-70 people....?" The answer: The Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar in Downtown Asheville, NC. How We Found Continue Reading

5 Tips to Make Sure Your Rainy Wedding Day is Absolutely Amazing: From One Rained Out Bride to Another

Five Rainy Wedding Day Tips

If you're anything like every other bride on the planet who's planning an outdoor ceremony, you've been refreshing the 10 day weather forecast for your wedding location and day since, like, 20 days ago. At least, that's what I did and 10 days before my wedding I found out it was going to rain on my wedding day. As soon as I saw the forecast I hit the internet for ideas to work around the rain and found some cute pics of wellies, umbrellas, etc. but nothing to really calm my nerves and Continue Reading

How we picked our Asheville wedding caterer

You know what's REALLY hard to do? Besides getting out of work to go on a job interview for a different company* or training a man to put the toilet seat down... Picking a caterer when you're planning a destination wedding, that's what. Since we're in Florida and our wedding will be in Asheville, all the usual meetings and kitchen tours and tastings weren't exactly easy to do.  And Homewood doesn't come with a set caterer or pre-set menu for us to choose from. So instead of sampling yummy Continue Reading

We’re Getting Married at Homewood

Okay so there's no turning back now - the deposit was received and is down on Homewood in Asheville, North Carolina. We're getting married April 28, 2013, on a Sunday evening, and we are extremely excited. These are the emotions I've experienced since learning our deposit was accepted: Shock: As in, wow... we've made it this far. It seems only only yesterday Vince and I were planning our 6 year anniversary, and I feel like he only recently proposed. But it's actually been almost 9 months Continue Reading

Homewood – It’s THE ONE!

  Every list of Asheville wedding venues I've looked at has had Homewood right at the top, but when I first looked up information on the venue, I couldn't really see why. That's because earlier this year their website was just super simple, kinda old, and the photos were itsy bitsy. In fact, I might even call them microscopic. So even though I requested information about the venue, I wasn't really excited about it. On top of all that, it seemed like a bit more work than other venues Continue Reading

Asheville Venue Review: Deerpark at Biltmore

Let's be honest here, if you've heard of The Biltmore, and you're a woman, you've wanted to get married, move into that house, and live happily ever after. Vince and I spent our 5 year anniversary on the property, and we were blown away at how we were treated. The Biltmore treats guests like royalty, and I honestly can't imagine a better place to get married. Now, there are multiple places one can have a ceremony and reception on Biltmore Estate. Unfortunately you can't mix and match the Continue Reading

Asheville Venue Review: 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa

If you're looking for wedding venues in the Asheville area, you'll be find there's not a whole ton available in Asheville, but there is a whole lot in the surrounding area. One of the venues that has a big online presence (and thus, easily found by brides researching venues online) is the 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa. From the website and other places online, I learned a few things: This is where Dirty Dancing was filmed. The hotel is old as the hills. It's located about 45 minutes, yet Continue Reading

Asheville Wedding Venue Review: Hidden River

If you're a bride-to-be in the Asheville area, or looking for Asheville-area wedding venues, then I'm sure Hidden Rivers has popped up on your radar. And for good reason - The Knot's North Carolina Magazine has listed it in the top "Wedding Venues with a View" for three years now. Before we left, I confessed to having super high hopes for Hidden River because it offered a great solution to keeping guests on the property, and the view seemed incredible. But then we got to Asheville, walked Continue Reading