Five Months Later

All of us, standing together, on Daddy's birthday.

February 20th myย Daddy called an ambulance to take Mia to the hospital. Her flu symptoms were just too bad, and he was just too sick, to go through standard doctor or urgent care routes. Almost exactly five months to the day later, July 18th, I'm going to be bringing Mia home for the first time. I wrote about so much of it in the first couple of months. I don't know how I did it, how I found the time even. But I'm so glad I did. The facts have gotten so fuzzy... the raw feelings and emotions Continue Reading

One of my favorite Daddy-Facebook-interactions

That last comment.

A couple of years ago, during peak political season, Daddy met Vince, Uncle Dan, Uncle Bob, and myself at Rusty's in Port Canaveral. (If you didn't know, Daddy and I were on TOTAL opposite ends of the political spectrum. Our political Facebook arguments are seriously legendary and could end up 30 comments deep with multiple and references.) He didn't know how to work his fancy smartphone but he wanted a picture of us on it, so I handed it to Vince who took the photo Continue Reading

The New and Improved Guestroom!

There is no way anyone is going to be able to truly appreciate this post, these photos, or the insane amount of work it took to get this room back to habitable status after Joey moved out. But damn if I'm not gunna try. So, before Joey moved in, my guestroom looked kinda like this: I say "kinda" because we donated the purple headboard to friends and upgraded the bed to a queen. But otherwise, it pretty much looked like that. Then Joey moved in, we added a desk to the room and put the bed Continue Reading

Biggest. Solid. Ever: Letting the BIL live with us for 6 months

Something happened at the end of December 2013 that I didn't really advertise: We let Vince's little brother, Joey, move in with us for his first semester at UCF. I didn't really share this news with anyone because it happened REALLY freakin' fast. See, the situation is like this: Vince's fam is from a small town and after graduating high school a few years ago, Joey was kind of just... existing... at his parents house. Thanksgiving 2011 we offered him our guestroom for his first semester at Continue Reading

Brace Yourself: Good News is Coming

Tuesday night I walked into Mia's hospital room around 7pm. She turned her head, saw me, and said "Oh my god. Get me a lawyer. Call Dan Newlin." That's right. Mia is officially asking for a lawyer and wants to sue every doctor she's seen and who saw Daddy. Which means that all is right with the world and everything is going to be okay. The last two months were one big false alarm. This woman is clearly back to old self and will be fine. Yeah, nothin' to see here folks. Move along. But for Continue Reading

The things that have made me laugh recently

Daddy's Playboy Cards

If you've thought the last almost-eight weeks have been nothing but depression and sob-fests over in Ali-land, you would not be far off. This has been a seriously bleak time. But despite losing Daddy and being thrown into a logistical nightmare that includes commuting from Merritt Island to Orlando and Melbourne, seeing Mia ride a roller coaster of healthcare, and picking up more dog shit than I ever wanted to see in my entire life, there have been a few really bright spots in all of this. And Continue Reading

The roller coaster is moving faster than I can blog

Yeah. This roller coast is moving far, far too fast for me to keep up with on this blog. What roller coaster, you ask? The one my family got on when Daddy and Mia got sick. You know, the one that keeps going up and down and twisting and changing directions faster than I can process. The one that is my life and emotional state of being right now. That one. So where was I? Oh yes. We'd been told it was time to let Mia go, and we were preparing to do just that. Here's how that roller coaster Continue Reading

More on Mia


Once again there are too many details about Mia's health to share in one, or even five, Facebook status's. And so I turn to my blog to share the news. Where I left off: Mia was safely moved from Cape Canaveral Hospital to Kindred in Melbourne. Things were rough when Mia first arrived at Kindred. Cari was in town to oversee the move but had to head back to North Florida the next day and though she was the first of us to see Mia in Kindred, her last visit wasn't great. The move took a toll on Continue Reading

Soooo about that birthday…

Imperial Salon Hydrotherapy Pool/Tub in Melbourne, FL

Friday was my first birthday without Daddy and man,... it started off SO. GOOD. I opened presents from friends that were thoughtful and perfect. I cried happy tears and laughed all morning. From a special bangle bracelet with an incredibly meaningful symbol, to a set of magnets with photos of me and my Dad, to a bouquet of gorgeous yellow flowers... the gifts I received were unprecedented and perfect. And the love sent my way - holy crap I FELT it. All morning I practically radiated with the Continue Reading

My last birthday card from Daddy

Today is my birthday. It's the first one where I won't get a call from my Dad. I should have already gotten a card because he liked to send them early. ย He was never one for writing his raw thoughts (like me), but he did know how to pick out a card. This is the last birthday card I got from Daddy: -------------- My Daughter If I could gather up all the smiles, laughs, memories, and pride that you've brought me through the years and give them back to you, I would. Maybe that way you'd Continue Reading