30 Things I’ve Learned in Over 30 Years

Next March I'll be 32 and I've realized the last few years have been incredibly enlightening. I've learned a lot about myself. I'm accepted a lot about myself. So here are 30 things that, over the years, have become simple but absolute Ali-truths. Some of them aren't surprising, but others... I figured I'd outgrow but never did. Either way, I'm taking advantage of NaBloPoMo to put them down. I can not wear cheap shoes, no matter how cute they are. I can't stay out drinking until 2am and Continue Reading

A Floridian in Chicago

Mah new coat.

Monday I started the new job and today I'm flying to Chicago to meet with my new search vendor and Google team! I'm super excited because I've never been to Chicago, but I'm also all like "LOLWUT?!" because I'm a Floridian and I'm being taken to Chicago in freakin' November! Not only am I going to the windy city at the beginning of winter, but I'm going with two guys who moved here from Minnesota and New Jersey. This means that of the three of us going up from Orlando, I'm the only one who is Continue Reading

My Last Week at Work… Punctuated with Animated Gif’s

Welp, it was my last week at my old job and I went out with a bang. How? By spending most of Tuesday in a fit of rage. Why? Because the company I've been working with to re-design, re-code, and re-launch our new website screwed us/me over. And I'm writing about this because...? The Project Manager at said company gave me the most bizarre excuse... or reason... or... maybe just response? that I have ever heard and I wanted others to hear how unreal it was. So, without naming any names Continue Reading

Artist I’m Digging


In case you didn't know, all cruise ships have an art gallery. And every cruise there's a silent auction where guests with incredibly deep pockets can get new art. Full disclosure: We don't have deep pockets and I didn't get any new art. But I did see a piece I *loved* which started at a mere $10k at auction. Since I couldn't own the piece, I thought I'd learn everything about it and the artist who made it. Continue Reading

The Last Great Office Prank

Happy Halloween!

Earlier this year I blogged about the insane birthday pranks my co-worker and I pull off on one another. ย Balloons, tinfoil, an office turned into a galaxy far, far away... Well, now that I've resigned there will be no more birthday pranks. :( But because I resigned, I will always be one-up on Brian! :) Which is why he did this: He Halloween'd my office with: Four giant newspaper-filled pumpkins Two small newspaper-filled pumpkins A giant spiderweb crossing the window and connecting to Continue Reading

I did it!

Welp, I did it. I went on an amazing honeymoon, came back to the U.S., and then.... I resigned from my current job. That's right, by "did it" I mean I "accepted a new job at this city's only Fortune 500 company." By "did it" I mean I resigned from my position for the last nearly-5 years, and am leaving behind my amazing co-workers, my lovely office, and a new web site that is my brainchild." This is the first time I've had to resign from a career in this fashion. My last job was my first job Continue Reading

My latest food addiction

Every time Vince and I go to Asheville we hit a co-op to stock-up on locally made soap, goji berries, and other odd assortments of hippy food. Last time we were there Vince got these funny little square things... they had cacao and goji and were brown, kinda sticky, and really filling. He got a pound of them and we stashed them in our hotel room. Then on the Friday before our wedding we picked up Timmay at the airport, fresh off of the redeye from San Fran, and he pulls out a pound of the same Continue Reading

The Awesome Weekend That Wasn’t

In case you missed me being a whiny little betch on Twitter this holiday week(end), let me get you caught up. My 4th of July suuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. What we were supposed to do: Get Friday off. Go to Jon and Carrie's late Wednesday after Red Hot Boom. Party all day Thursday with friends from near and far. Party all day Friday for one of our best friend's birthday. See Ghost Owl at a bar called The Funky Biscuit in Boca. Hang out by the pool all day Saturday with friends and pink champagne Continue Reading

Ali’s First One Piece Bathing Suit

Since the wedding I've been having a few fat days. *edit: By 'fat days' I mean I know I'm not obese or even overweight, I am just really feelin' the loss of toned muscles and addition of 'pudge.' I know it's nothing I won't be able to work off. I think it's a combination of feeling, for the first time in almost two years, that I don't need to starve myself to look less-than-fat wearing a big white dress in photos that will haunt me for the rest of my life, combined with a giant sense of relief Continue Reading

This is what happens when I mow the lawn.

Vince was going through the videos on his phone and found one from last summer of me mowing the lawn. Why was he videoing me mowing the lawn? Because he couldn't believe I was doing it, for one. And two; because the lawnmower is old and the wheels tend to lock-up, meaning I mow the lawn in giant circles which he finds incredibly funny. It was a pretty boring video,... until I ran into a tree. http://youtu.be/OJIn5T8copI I have no idea why I made the sound of an injured bird when I hit the Continue Reading