Epic Honeymoon ReCap – Episode Eight: Casa Batllo


I tried really hard to put all of my Gaudi reflections into one post but then I started looking at photos of Park Guell and that got shot to hell. And if Gaudi's Park was difficult then Casa Batllo... yeah no. It deserves its own post. Like Park Guell, Vince and I used Rick Steve's Modernist walking tour to navigate ourselves to the topmost area of La Rambla where Casa Batllo is. The neighborhood is incredibly affluent, which makes a lot of sense because, um... hello they're neighbors to Continue Reading

Epic Honeymoon ReCap – Episode Seven: Park Guell

The ceiling. The seats. The railings. Everything was mosaic tile.

Unlike Sorrento, Rome, Florence, or Palma Majorca, when Vince and I got to Barcelona we were there to stay for awhile. Which meant I bought multiple travel guides and even a pocket English-Spanish book thingy that I didn't use once. Pro Tip: Rick Steve's guide is awesome and is like having a little tour-guide with you all the time, but it's also huge and all black and white. The Lonely Planet guide was easier to carry and color-coded by neighborhood. Having both was awesome, but if you have to Continue Reading

Epic Honeymoon ReCap – Episode Six: Romantic Haven in Barcelona

Our romantic bedroom with red netting and twinkle lights.

So, I won't lie. There was an adjustment period after staying in the Deluxe Owner's Suite on the Epic and having a butler who left us awesome little gourmet snacks and champagne. That adjustment happened in a private apartment we rented in Barcelona on Carrer del Marquès de Barberà. It was just off of Las Ramblas in the El Ravel neighborhood, which was not a bad location at all. And the apartment itself was beautiful. With a livingroom, kitchen, two balconies, and a beautiful bedroom, it was Continue Reading

Epic Honeymoon ReCap – Episode Five: Relaxing in Palma Majorca


Palma Majorca was our last stop on the cruise and all I knew about the place was that it was in Spain and it's where gorgeous pearls came from. So after walking for 8 hours in Pompeii, running all over Rome, and hiking from the Boboli Gardens to the Duomo in Florence, we were ready to just... not do anything. As a result, this is how we spent our day in Palma: We started our day by sleeping in and quickly making our way to our private Haven pool deck. We ran into some friends, started Continue Reading

Epic Honeymoon ReCap – Episode Four: Florence Was Our Favorite

Us in front of these beautiful Gates of Paradise.

When we were planning our honeymoon I got excited about seeing three things: Pompeii. Vatican Museum. The Fatman on a Turtle statue in the Boboli Gardens of Florence. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning.... Like Rome, we chose to skip a formal excursion and just went with the "Florence on your own" thing. You get a bus to Florence, they drop you off with a map, and you meet back up 6 hours later to get bused back to the boat. Unlike Rome, we got breakfast and Continue Reading

Epic Honeymoon Recap – Episode Three: When in Rome


I'll be honest, Rome was my least favorite place and my least favorite day. We started our morning running late (see: party in our suite/cracking open the bottle of tequila from the night before in Livorno) and got in the last seats of the last tour bus for the "Rome On Your Own" excursion. Unlike Sorrento, we didn't sign-up for an official tour. We purchased tickets to the Vatican museum before we left the states and basically caught a ride to Rome, got dropped off for about 6 hours, and Continue Reading

Epic Honeymoon Recap – Episode Two: Pompeii, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast


On Sunday, September 29th, exactly five months after our wedding day, Vince and I boarded the Norwegian Epic in Barcelona and checked into the totally sick owner's suite. Two days later we got off of the Epic in Livorno Italy and took a very large tour bus past Mount Vesuvius to Pompeii. Behold, our sunrise view of... not Mount Vesuvius but another mountain very close by on the coast of Italy. So we got on a bus, were given a head-set, and 30 minutes later we were herded to a cameo creating Continue Reading

Epic Honeymoon ReCap – Episode One: The Big Surprise

We are back, I quit my job, and I have a little over three weeks until the new one starts. You know what means? It means the honeymoon recaps can begin! So here we go!! Episode One: The Big Surprise Thursday, September 28th, I got off of work and headed home, officially on vacation. Vince came home and we started pulling our stuff together, trying to get in 'vacation' mode but also trying to get motivated to finish all our packing. I casually mentioned that I was really looking forward to Continue Reading

The Honeymoon Trip Is BOOKED!

I know what you're probably thinking. "You were married like, 7 weeks ago. What do you mean you're just now booking your honeymoon?" Well, there are two main reasons we're just now getting around to honeymoon'in: We are pretty broke from the wedding and need some time to restore our savings. We are pretty much indentured servants from all the PTO we took to have a destination wedding and we need some time to accrue more PTO. And if there's a third reason, it's that we are not just taking Continue Reading

And the Caribbean Cruise 2012 Scent Is…

Okay maybe I should have polished that bottle before photographing it... my bad. Anyway. Every time I go on vacation I allow myself one extravagant purchase: New perfume! And our Friend's Cruise this September was no exception. The challenge this time: I already own most of the scents being sold on the ship. Or at least the ones that were appealing to me. I was actually starting to think I wouldn't be getting a new scent for the trip when Vince drug me into a perfume store in Grand Cayman. I Continue Reading