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Five Things I’m Feelin’ Right Now

Five Things I’m Feelin’ Right Now

Every once in awhile I get an urge to write about totally random stuff I’m loving. These posts end up as snapshots in time and are some of my favorite to go back and read.

So while life is totally freakin’ nuts right now, and about to get EVEN MOAR NUTS when Mia goes home, there are some totally random things I’m feelin’ at the moment.

  1. Hemlock Grove Season 2: Yes I am totally addicted to this Netflix series, weird and supernatural though it may be. Vince and I discovered the first season last year and binged on the 20+ episodes for an entire weekend. We just got totally and completely hooked.  Then I waited forever for the second “season” to come out and it’s only 10 freakin’ episodes!! I blew through them in 24 hours!

    I am both elated and sad. Is anyone else watching this show? I love Shelly’s character and story arch. I would give anything for this to be a series of books for me to devour. Ugh!

    LOOOOOOOOOOL!! source
  2. Broken Open – How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow: A book recommended to me by my therapist, it reminds me a LOT of my “Jew Book” Yearnings – Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life. I can see why she thought it would be a good read for dealing with loss, but I’ve found this is an even better read for anyone questioning their life’s purpose or direction. I might even do a whole post about it to compile my favorite quotes.

    Pretty much.
    Pretty much.
  3. My yard and mini rose bush: I never thought I would turn into one of those people that enjoyed yardwork, but damnit… I REALLY like having a nice yard. I love pulling into my home with a nice outside presentation. It just sets the mood for going into my home. So after years of neglect, Vince and I dropped many hundreds of dollars to reclaim our yard from weeds. This included turning a little front section into a mulched seating area with some select yardart! I even have a gazing ball!

    Also important is my mini yellow rose bush. It was a gift from Christie when I lost my Daddy. I put it in its forever home about a month ago and it’s responded so well. The first new bloom opened on Daddy’s birthday, and there have been three more since. I just love it.

    Grass, seating, mulch, yard art, and my beautiful little Daddy-birthday-bloom.
    Grass, seating, mulch, yard art, and my beautiful little Daddy-birthday-bloom.
  4. Make me a Bird, by Elektrik People: I heard this song on the last episode of Season 1 of Hemlock Grove (I had to refresh that ending before starting season 2) and holy hell I LOVE IT. It’s so Tears for Fears-ish, synth-poppy. I can’t stop playing it. It’s weird but hell I love it.
  5. Hooping: C’mon of COURSE hooping would be in there. How could it NOT? One day people will ask me how I made it through this year, and I’ll tell them “I spent most of it either drugged or dizzy. Sometimes both.” Hooping has almost literally saved my life. I know that sounds a little extreme right now, but the pure joy it brings me is unreal. I laugh SO much when I’m hooping. I get totally lost in music. I spend entire drives to and from Merritt Island listening to music and imagining how I can hoop to it. I’ve even got hoops at work, and of course my Astral is on its way!

    I know it sounds silly, and sometimes I think it’d be easier to explain Domestic Violence than to tell people my bruises came from learning hula hoop tricks at age 32. But I love it and I can’t wait to get better and better.

4 thoughts on “Five Things I’m Feelin’ Right Now”

  • I know this sounds a little extreme but I have tears in my eyes on #5 😉 I’m so glad that I could bring that to that to your life.

  • Eff yeah I’m watching Season 2. I’m a little relieved there was only one book so the show could go on indefinitely and I wouldn’t constantly be comparing it to literature but I do miss the characters in the between and wish I could just read on through what will happen to them. I’m trying my hardest to space out the episodes which means trying to only watch on the kindle in the gym…but since we moved and haven’t found a new gym I actually broke down and watched the first episode of season 2 in my living room last night. I also distinctly thought in that episode I needed to start downloading the music ;). I bought the “Jew Book” after you recommended it ages ago and haven’t read it cover to cover but each time I pick it up I find a gem that renews my faith in humanity (my own and everyone else’s). I take your book recommendations very seriously, thank you for another! Just recently I’ve been way more interested in buying pretty plants for the yard and even how to grow the good grass lol. I want a yellow rose bush hardcore, we have red and pink now but yellows are so much happier. Are you fertilizing yours?

  • Thoughts on cheap, noisy hoops? Get any hoop that you feel comfortable with! I support any hoop that helps your journey! I actually found two of those floating around my office and I’ve got them propped against the window. I hooped with them last night after the office quieted down and had a blast! The smallest one is really light weight (though it does have those damn beads) so I can practice my iso-pop pretty well, albeit loudly.

    I don’t think you need to bring your hoop unless you have room for it – I’ve got my 40″ Duplo that will be great for you to play with and my Moodhoop is 36″ so you will probably like that one a lot. The only benefit to bringing yours is that a) I can see it and play with it, and b) anything we do, you’ll be learning to do on your hoop.

    But whatever’s easier! I’ve got plenty and will probably have even more when you get here. Like, my Astral. 😉

  • I so cannot wait to hoop with you!! Question; should I bring my travel hoop, or can I use one of yours? Also… there are “kids” hoops at the drug store for like $8. They have that noisy shit inside them but I like the weight and diameter…thoughts?

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