I have bridesmaids and a bridesman!

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve officially completed my bridal party.

Introducing my Maid of Honor and best friend since 6th grade, Jess!

Me and my Maid of Honor!

Jess is the eye in my storm of life. No matter what, she always has it together. When I need a calming influence, quiet confidence, and someone to giggle with when I stumble or get confused by some decision on my wedding day, Jess will be the one I lean on. She’s my best friend and I can’t imagine not having her by my side.

Introducing my Bridesmaid and hetero-lifemate, Grace!

Perfection in March!

Grace is my motivator and when life needs a kick in the ass, Grace is who I call. When I get super nervous, start freaking out, or think I need another xanax before I hit the isle, Grace will be the one to tell me “no!” (or “yeah you do.”) and will probably be the only one I’ll listen to. I simply cannot do this without Grace walking out in front of me, and being around to pick me up if I trip. :)

Introducing my Bridesman, best friend, and stylist, Cody!

With Cody at Mellow Mushroom

If Jess is my calming influence and Grace is my kick-in-the-ass, Cody is the scale that balances them out. When I need someone to make sense of everything, put my make-up on me, and tell me when it’s time to walk down the isle, Codalina will be my man. He’s the last one I’ll see before my Daddy and I start the walk down the isle, and when I look back on my wedding photos, it will be his dimples that make me grin like a fool.

Give them love, because all three of these amazing people have agreed to spend at least 8 hours in my presence while my emotions range from nervous, to excited, to nervous, to drunk, to giddy, and everything in between.

I am truly loved. :)

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