I suck.

Okay here’s the deal. I spend all day online, writing and optimizing web content, interacting and engaging on social networks, and I have zero interest in blogging in my free time.

That’s why I have have only blogged a handful of times this year, despite having all sorts of fun, awesome, wedding-related things to blog about.

I’ve also been going through some sort of blog-identity crisis. I’ve installed and tweeked no less than 8 WordPress templates in the last two months. (Coincidentally, I haven’t blogged in that same time frame. Hmm…)

Anyway, this post is an acknowledgement of my suckage, and hopefully the beginning of the end of my non-blogging attitude.

In the meantime, enjoy this random polaroid-styled theme that is literally the least amount of work of any theme I have ever used.



  1. says

    Girl, I get this.  I’ve only been blogging once a week, which for me is way low.  I thought going to BlogHer would help, but it actually only made me question what I’m writing about, which sucks.  I’m actually in the process of redoing my design, and hoping that will help reconnect me to my blog.  At any rate, you’re fine.  Write when you feel like it!

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