I’m only happy when it rains….

As a Floridian, born and raised and still here, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE sunshine.I’m addicted to it.

I pretty much require the sun to function.

If I can’t get to the beach at least one weekend a month between March and July, I feel empty and bored and unhappy.

But I can’t think of one time in 2011 when it’s started pouring and I’ve been bummed. In fact, this year I have welcomed the rain.


I don’t know what that says about my mental state this year.

If I were being completely honest with you, I would confess to having had what my best friend calls a ‘rain baptism’ – I laid in the rain, doing yoga-like stretches for god knows how long, and came out feeling positively reborn.

The rain has had epic effects on me in 2011. It’s raining right now.

I’m going out now, and when I come home I’m going to take a new book, curl up, and alternate between listening to the rain while I read, and letting the rain lull me to sleep.

I’m not ONLY happy when it rains. But I’m finding happiness in the rain that I never expected to have.

And what ever happened to Garbage? I freaking loved this song. And Shirley Manson’s outrageous eyeshadow to compliment her huge eyes and tiny mouth.


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    I get excited when it rains. I love being holed up inside in my PJs and sweatshirt with some tea and a good blog, er book, to read. Rain makes things simple. Rain cleanses. Rain is wonderful. I get ya, girl. I get ya.

    PS: A Florida rain is my fav. This DC rain goes on FOR DAYS. and then I dont love rain after day 3

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