Mother’s Day: 2003

Eight years ago today was the last holiday I was able to spend with my Grandma.

I remember it for a few reasons, all of which seemed normal enough at the time….

I woke up, rushed out of my apartment, and bought orange juice because that was what Grandma was always responsible for bringing to the family Sunday brunches.

I got to Grandma’s house and of course she wasn’t ready, so Uncle Dan and I got everything and went the three blocks to Aunt Linda’s house.

Grandma and I held hands while Logan sang grace for brunch.

Those were all pretty normal Mother’s Day brunch activities for us.

What wasn’t normal was that earlier that week I sat at my Grandma’s feet while the doctors told her over the phone that the cancer was back and they didn’t know how they were going to treat it since her last treatments were so hard on her. So there was a black cloud of fear hanging over us all that this would be our last Mother’s day with her.

The reason my Grandma wasn’t ready is because she was just so tired. And while she normally put off buying the orange juice til the last minute, it wasn’t normal that I had to pick it up for her.

And when Logan sang grace and I held my Grandma’s hand, she cried. I looked over at her and told her to stop, but she just said “this is the last Mother’s Day I’ll ever have….” and her shoulders shook. Mema put one arm around her and I told her there wasn’t true.

But it was.

She passed away two and a half weeks later on Thursday, May 29, 2003. And I’ve remembered the last one I had with her every Mother’s Day since.ย  I remember how, when lunch was over, she opened her presents with Mema and Aunt Linda and Helen. I remember taking goofy photos on my Uncle’s new “camera phone” (crazy technology at the time).ย  We took pictures on the real camera too – my favorite photo of us, actually, one I don’t even have scanned. We laughed and spent the day together and I remember looking at her and thinking “I love her so much!”

I still do. Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma.

Mother’s Day – May 12, 2003 ~ Doing her nails, May 18, 2003


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