My Amazing 30th Birthday

I’ve been trying to write this post for just under two weeks now, and I honestly have no words. So here are some pictures.

All I can say is: I am the luckiest. girl. evuuuuuuuuuur!!!!!

I felt freakin’ beautiful and loved by a handsome man.

I was SURROUNDED with love. Seriously, I went to dinner with 16 of my closest friends and family.

We got upgraded to a VIP Penthouse Suite at Hotel Breakwater with a private jacuzzi, 24hr concierge, exclusive access to the public rooftop lounge (which was closed to the public, so the ENTIRE roof was ours ALL weekend), and a view that overlooked the courtyard and pool with a DJ playing from 2pm to 5am.

We were ushered through a hoard of 100 people and given instant VIP entry to the most posh club in South Beach, Club Liv, as well as the downstairs club, Arkadia, in the Fountainblue.

Luke, Brenna and Dave made us dinner on a private rooftop grill overlooking a breathtaking South Beach sunset.

We ended every night in the jacuzzi, around 6:00am.

We saw the actual beach on South Beach. (Who knew?)

I was loved. :)


  1. says

    GAH! SO. Much. FUN (OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!) I’m sad I couldn’t be there with you, but so happy you had a freakin’ BLAST!ย  woo hoo!!

  2. Ali says

    ย Girl. It was INSANE. I have to thank you, because your 30th was so fantastically planned and so completely epic that I was like “wait.. waitwaitwait… Vince… I need to do this *right*”ย  And do it right we did!!! :)

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