My Dress!

Good news, everyone: Sometime next weekend I am going to place the order for my wedding dress! I am more excited than I ever thought I would/could be about a single garment.

Everyone has a story about their dress, right? Well, here’s mine…

When Vince first proposed in December, 2010, the first thing I started looking at was wedding dresses. But in my mind, the type of dress really depended on the type of venue. And so I waited.

And waited….

And waited some more….

And thank goodness I did, because at first I wanted to try on these poofy, cupcake-like gowns, (that look horrible on me) like this:

Thank you, TheKnot, for the photo.

We officially booked our venue in August, 2011, which meant I could finally start looking, for realz.

And while waiting, my tastes matured and all I wanted to try on were gowns with big, fluffy, flower covered skirts, (that are extremely trendy) like this:

Thank you, Project Wedding, for this pic

But between August and November, I put on enough weight to make me too depressed to try on dresses.

And so I waited…

And worked out a LOT…

And waited…

And lost 15lbs.

Coincidentally, Cody came home right about the time I was feeling thin enough to put big white gowns on. So while I wouldn’t have my Jess or my G with me, I *would* have my Codalina and my Spacey.

So a year and a half after being proposed to, the stars had finally aligned and it was time to try on gowns.

By this point, I had abandoned my taste in ‘poof’ all together and wanted to try on sleek, lace gowns (that won’t allow me to eat for fear of a protruding stomach) like this:

Thank you, Allure Bridals, for the lovely gowns and the photo.

But when I called local salons, it turned out none of them carried ANY of the specific gowns I wanted to try on.

So two nights before my first salon appointment I started my dress search from scratch, and that’s when I found this:

Sottero and Midgley, JSM 1103

Things I noted before even trying this gown on:

  • I literally gasped aloud when I found it online.
  • The salon near me had it in stock.
  • It’s in my price range.
  • It’s not white, it’s “champagne.”
  • It’s covered in lace.
  • But it still has a full skirt.
  • The silk wrap around the waist means my stomach doesn’t have to be perfectly flat. And I can eat. :)

I *knew* I had to try this dress on, I literally couldn’t wait. So I called Cody and he met me at the salon, very last minute, where I tried on this gown and this gown only.

And as soon as they laced me up… I knew it was ‘the one.’

Now, like a reasonable adult, I did try on other types of dresses and they did look good….

But when I went back with The Uncles, Spacey, and Codalina, and got back into this gown,… It just felt so right, I knew the search was over.

And I said “YES!” to this dress! :)


  1. says

    So I sorta hate you for finding this dress.  When I started my dress search I wanted an “all lace dress.” But every single lace dress hung on me like a freakin nightgown.  I didn’t have curves in the right places to accentuate the dress and finally got pissed off and abandoned lace. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LuRVE My dress.   I hate that it was so freakin hot (didn’t know that going into my June, DC wedding). But I love everything else about it.

    And then there’s YOUR dress.  I LOVE IT. LOVE IT!
    It’s everything I initially wanted.
    I showed the pic to my sis and she said “that’s what YOU wanted!”

    I’m so glad you found the dress that started my dream.  I’m even happier that YOU are the woman who gets to bring that dream to life.

    Can’t wait to celebrate your big day.  You will be such a gorgeous bride!

  2. Ali says

    Aww dude you have no idea how much I appreciate this comment.

    When Cody and I went to buy my gown, I put it on one last time and took pics. As soon as I got into it, I was reassured that it was the one for me.

    But as soon as I walked out of the store, recipt in hand, and looked at the most recent  round of pics we had taken,… I had doubts.

    I don’t know if it’s the finality of it all, the reality of having picked *one,* or if I was just having a fat day and hate the pics (it was DEF a bad hair day), but uncertanty has plagued me ever since. 

    But the dress is beautiful and when you, G, Space, Codalina, and Jess support me all my doubts seem ridic, and I know I will feel amazing. :)

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