Why our florist cost more than our caterer

Vince has been hiding something from me… something I never saw coming… something I would have prepared for, had I known.

He is a closet florist.

All the signs were there….

  • He was so excited to make sure Vicki’s bouquet was properly preserved after her wedding.
  • He makes me bouquets from loose flowers in grocery stores *on the regular.*
  • He takes better care of the flowers he buys/orders/has delivered to me than I do (and my love of flowers is so well-known that my Dad called me his ‘flower girl’ when I was younger).

Yet I never consciously acknowledged any of those signs.

Which leads me to the topic of conversation at hand: Why our florist bill is more than our catering bill.

First of all, this shouldn’t have been possible. We have a small wedding party; no little flower people; and I want conservative centerpieces (I abhor arrangements that prevent people at the same table from speaking to one another).

Secondly, I did research on types of flowers, seasonality, cost, and colors. I knew what to ask for when meeting with florists and I had a plan with a good idea of our budget.

But none of that mattered because as soon as Vince realized florists wanted his feedback, he started talking.

And when he started talking, it was like a slot machine hit triple sevens – a big red light started flashing, and dollars started pouring out of his mouth.

You see, apparently Vince had a “vision” of how our ceremony area should look.

Our unadorned ceremony area. Otherwise known as “Vince’s Canvas.”

We spoke with three florists, and each time they asked about what we had in mind for our ceremony decor, he would lean back, put his forearms on the table as he gestured with his hands, and start listing out what he needed.

Some highlights:

“Well… for the aisle I was envisioning Shepard hooks with tear-dropped glass vases, or maybe moss covered buckets, that overflow with flowers. I’d like at least six of these on each side of the aisle.”

“Oh the area where we’re standing is too rocky and bare. I’d like to see some strew petals to give it color, or planters there to give it a full, lush look…”

“Our ceremony area is so green that time of year. I’d like to see long ribbons in various shades of purple and navy hanging from the trees and fluttering in the wind.”

Yes. He really said all of that.

No. I had NO freakin’ idea those things were going to come out of his mouth. I probably looked like an idiot because while he kept talking, I sat there mouth agape, eyes wide, in a complete state of shock.

And my budget, my preconceived notions about our wedding flowers, my pretty little plan of going to talk to florists armed with knowledge and confidence…? All gone.

So if you come to our wedding and think the flowers are lovely, please do me a favor and tell Vince. It will make his year and the flowers cost more than the food (which I hope is delish).

Disclaimer: While I’m shocked the flower budget ran away like it did, I’m tickled to death that Vince took such an active role in helping me plan. This will truly be *our* wedding, that we crafted together, and I couldn’t be happier. Also – our florist is *uhhhhhhmazing* and I will have a post dedicated to her awesomeness, eventually. The icon for this post on my homepage is an example of her work. She is awesome.


  1. Ali says

    Its going to be really lovely and I cant wait to see it either. I did retain control of our bouquets and the reception area, but the ceremony is all his. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. says

    well…considering he managed to grow a pineapple…i would assume that he would be good with the flower part. His dialogue about ribbons and things fluttering in the wind…i think Vincey’sย  inner bride is coming out and its totally adorbs ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

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