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Our Awesomely Immature Wedding Song Selections

At our wedding I pulled my family aside to tell them that if they believe for a second that Vince and I are mature adults, then they would soon be disappointed.

Why? Because of our awesomely immature song selections!

To begin with, there was the first dance…

Vince and I don’t have a song and we don’t know how to really dance. So instead of picking something meaningless and swaying back and forth for 4 minutes, we decided to re-enact the Jack Rabbit Slim Twist Contest scene from Pulp Fiction.

I figured most of my friends would recognize the song but I didn’t expect cheering and applause to come from almost the entire room.

I won’t lie, I was super nervous. And Vince and I got out of synch for a few minutes, he even forgot a part of our little choreography. But look at him getting down. How could I have thought for a second that we couldn’t pull this off?

Vince doing the Twist Contest scene from Pulp Fiction
Vince doing the Twist Contest scene from Pulp Fiction

And then there was the garter toss….

We met our DJ, the most amazing and badass of all Asheville wedding DJ’s I might add, Mr. Mitch Fortune, three days before our wedding and we had no ‘garter toss’ song.

We were describing to him how completely silly we are and Vince kept asking if he could work in the Mario Brothers theme song, when Mitch suggested we have it for our garter toss.

So… Vince went up under my dress, got my garter, and tossed it to his boys to the Mario Brother’s Level Two theme song.

You know… this one:

And Vince’s little brother, Joey, caught it!

Get it, Joey!
Get it, Joey!

We followed the garter toss with the cake cutting.

Just like the garter, we had no idea what to use as a song. Mitch, being the awesome DJ that he is and reading us so well, suggested this song:

So yeah. We cut our cake to The Peanut Butter Jelly Song. And it was amazeballs. 🙂

I could not stop laughing once the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song came on.
I could not stop laughing once the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song came on.

And finally, to kick off the official dance party for the evening, we had our awesome DJ pull everyone out onto the dance floor in the most serious and somber voice, and played this:

And then we partied like the ceiling could not hold us.

Seriously. We threw the eff down!!!
Seriously. We threw the eff down!!!

Overall, our wedding was silly and our music selection was super immature, but it was so totally and completely “us” that every second felt right and every one there had a blast. I can’t think of one thing I would change – especially the music!

1 thought on “Our Awesomely Immature Wedding Song Selections”

  • Love love love your song selections (and the text I got)! Since Pulp Fiction is Mike’s favorite movie he all but shit himself when y’all started your first dance. You two really pulled it off and I didn’t even notice any blips in the choreography. Well done, and FUN!

    The Mario Brothers’ song was fabulous and stuck in my head…until PBJtime! Then Eddie and I had fun reenacting the dance together. And Eddie dancing is *always* fun.

    And you KNOW I love me some “Can’t Hold Us” — that song is my mantra right now. LIfe gives you lemons and I’m adding vodka. Ceiling can’t fucking hold me.

    You rocked that wedding. You and Vince ROCKED that wedding.
    We had a blast.

    PS: Cody’s face in that last pic? Epic.

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