Our Little Lexi

Anyone who knows me knows that my cats are my kids.

Jersey is my permanent 8-month old. She’s squishy and floppy and sleeps in the cutest little ways. She’s also kinda simple minded.

Lexi on the other hand, is our rebellious teenager. She’s tough, completely inflexible, incredibly demanding, and so intelligent that I have seriously wondered if there’s a human mind trapped in that little kitteh body.

So smart she hangs out in bookshelves.

Vince found Lexi in the parking lot of a former girlfriend’s apartment in Gainsville. A neighborhood cat had kittens, and Lexi was one of the kittens who trotted over to Vince and said hello. Each time he came over to his girlfriend’s apartment, a tiny Lexi kitten would hang out with him.

He decided to keep her after a few weeks of this. So he put the little Lexi kitten in his bookbag, got on his motorcycle, and drove her to his house.

Personally, I blame that ride home for her battleaxe-attitude, but it’s probably because she’s a tourti. :)

He then raised her in an apartment full of late-night-partying male DJ’s. In fact, her photo is on an LP by DJ Phil K and Dave. They named the track “Furball” after her and her face is in the center of the record.

So to say this cat has a personality is a massive understatement. She’s achieved an almost mascot-like status amongst our friends.

But to me, she’s just my little Lexi-kins, the ‘feather chest’ to Jersey’s ‘cotton ball,’ our rebellious teenager that puts her indignant little chin in the air when she’s in trouble.

She loves it when I do this. Okay not really.

Wednesday night, the 4th of July, Vince was cleaning Lexi’s ears out because ear mites were really bothering her, when her left ear started bleeding. It was so bad that we took her to the emergency vet, where they found a mass in her ear, obscuring her ear drum.

When we went to hand her to the vet, we found another mass on her back left paw. It’s hard, and hurts if we touch it, which makes us think it hasn’t been there long because we would have noticed the sensitivity.

Mass on her left leg. Shaved at the emergency vet and biopsied today.

Today I took her to an Internal Medicine specialist where the mass on her foot was biopsied and her ears were checked out again. We’ll get the results early next week, but all signs point to the mass on her foot being serious.

In the meantime, she’s being spoiled to death with wet food and brushes and sweet talking. And Vince and I are complete nervous wrecks.

Please send good thoughts and love and energy our way. We need this to be fixable, and we need to be able to afford it. We love her too much to consider other options.

She’s our sweet little Lexi, and we need our kid to be okay.


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