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All The Blue and Purple Wedding Colors!

All The Blue and Purple Wedding Colors!

Deep in the list of my blog’s ‘drafts’ section there lies a post that discusses my issues with picking just one or two wedding colors.

Selecting colors was something I *really* struggled with in the early stages of wedding planning… along with picking a location, a venue, a florist, a dress… yadda yadda yadda…

The challenges were many, but the main issues were something like this:

  • I love purple.
  • Vince prefers blue.
  • My dress was champagne which we thought went best with a black tux, but he was really loving the dark gray one.
  • There are zero purple chiffon/flowy bridemaids dresses that aren’t strapless (for Grace) but that do have a good length (for Jess).
  • We wanted the groomsmen to contrast Vince, but we didn’t know how to make that happen.
  • I wanted Cody to match the bridesmaids since he was on my side, but we didn’t want him to stand out more than Vince.

Vince and I sat down and went through lots of wedding photos that we liked, but it was when we interviewed Asheville florists that we finally figured it all out: We wanted a Tanzanite-colored wedding – venue decore and wedding party outfits that would match our engagement ring that we love so much.


How our vendors helped us pull ALL the blues and purples together:

  • Our florist accessorized Vince and me with dark purple flowers, while our wedding party got light blues and the venue got a mix of both.
  • The baker suggested we have dark purple to light blue ombre-colored tier of cupcakes.
  • Mitch Fortune, our DJ, brought in purple uplighting.
  • Grace and Jess wore navy dresses and pewter-colored sandals.
  • Jon, Dave, Kellan and Cody wore light blue shirts with navy ties and blue stripped socks.
  • Vince’s shirt was dark purple while his tie, socks, and undies were purple and gray stripes.
  • My shoes were a lovely navy satin.
  • I ordered napkins in purples and blues, and brought my ranunculus invitation design into the table numbers and ad-lib cards.

I’ll never forget our florist and venue coordinator asking me if I wanted to take a look at my reception area before the wedding. I peaked in and lost my breath. It was so much more than I ever imagined. I couldn’t even take it in properly.

I’m sure at the time my reaction seemed less than enthused because I was truly so shocked at it all. It was everything I wanted and worked for, but I had no idea it was going to turn out that way. I distinctly remember looking around, nodding, and going “wow! okay!” and then hauling ass to the ceremony.

When it all came together, it truly was a reflection of our Tanzanite.

All documented before we even arrived
All documented before we even arrived

4 thoughts on “All The Blue and Purple Wedding Colors!”

  • I love you, but I had to lol at “…as a couple and team…” – You mean, the Cody-Ali couple and team? 😉

    hehehe I love Vince and he definitely did his part. But oh I could neeeeever have pulled this off without my Codalina. I’ll never forget tie and shirt shopping at Macy’s and having to commander an entire table in the mens section to sit back and think everything through. I couldn’t have done that with ANYONE ELSE!!!! I love you. 🙂

  • Alicia & Vince, I really feel the stars aligned on this entire event. I have to say I would be completely surprised if anyone had a wedding as well planned, designed, or elegant as yours in my future. I doubt it, and you have raised the bar on all that I know that want to get married in the future. To impress me they have alot of work ahead of them. By the way you didnt have a wedding planner to do everything for you, as a couple and team you each did your part to make such a success. I love you two tremendously and cherish every moment I spent at your wedding. I can only hope that one day I will be able to have such a celebration of life as you did. <3

  • Aww thank you!!! We love them too but honestly we got very lucky that it all came together properly. It could have looked a hot mess. 😉

    Who will the men on your side be!? Mine was my bestfriend of the last 8 years. He’s a make-up artist and also did my make-up. He worked *so* hard for me throughout the planning process. Girls at great, but men have a ‘fix this’ attitude that is awesome for planning a wedding!

    Can’t wait to see your wedding pins pop-up one day!!!

  • I loveeeee your wedding colours! It’s so amazing. I have a very rustic, nature-loving wedding percolating in my head. All the thought that goes into one day is so overwhelming. I think that’s why we girls start thinking about it when we’re kids.

    I love that you had a guy in your wedding party too, I plan to have two on my side 🙂

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