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The Double Duty Dress

Confession: I spent more time looking for a rehearsal dinner dress than I spent looking for a wedding dress.

I looked everywhere. I went to expensive department stores, little boutiques, online discount shops like Ideeli and Gilt, and pretty much lived on Pinterest. I had no real budget and no real look in mind, but I knew I wanted something awesome.

Maybe it’s because wedding dresses have a specific look and rehearsal dinner dresses are more flexible….

Maybe it’s because we’re having a rehearsal cocktail party instead of a dinner….

Maybe it’s because our rehearsal cocktail party is going to be in a used bookstore….

Whatever the reason, I was spending WAY too much time looking for the right dress.

So when I found a cocktail dress that matched my wedding gown like, exactly, on, I pounced! It didn’t hurt that it was Sue Wong and on a massive effing sale.

Sue Wong Champagne Lace Dress
Sue Wong Champagne Lace Dress

It came in and I liked it. It definitely needed to get altered, but the champagne lace was lovely. It was a little more formal and ‘stiff’ than I envisioned, but I was going to keep it. I was tired of looking and I hate returning shit online.

But no more than a week later I realized I needed a dress to wear to Grace’s wedding two weeks after mine in New York.

Which meant I needed another dress.


Grace told me her colors are sapphire and emerald, so I high tailed it back to Bluefly and bought another Sue Wong dress, beaded and embroidered, and in a lovely avocado green:

Avocado and black Sue Wong dress
Avocado and black Sue Wong dress

It got here, I put it on, and holy shit was I inlove.

That beading!
That beading!
The embroidery and detail!
The embroidery and detail!
The color! The fit!
The color! The fit! The luxurious silky smooth fabric!

I knew as soon as I put this green Sue Wong dress on that it was my rehearsal dinner dress.

And it’s also the dress I’ll wear to Grace’s wedding.

I love this dress so much that it’s going to pull double duty and be photographed for two important events only two weeks apart.

But if any dress is going to pull double duty, this is definitely THE one.

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