Homewood – It’s THE ONE!

  Every list of Asheville wedding venues I've looked at has had Homewood right at the top, but when I first looked up information on the venue, I couldn't really see why. That's because earlier this year their website was just super simple, kinda old, and the photos were itsy bitsy. In fact, I might even call them microscopic. So even though I requested information about the venue, I wasn't really excited about it. On top of all that, it seemed like a bit more work than other venues Continue Reading

Asheville Destination Wedding Planning – Free Stuff ROCKS!

This is why I'm seriously in love with Asheville, North Carolina. In the very first wedding magazine I bought, I saw an ad for MyWeddinginAsheville.com.ย  It was a two page spread all about Asheville weddings and all the reasons Vince and I fell inlove with the town.ย  This ad spoke to me, hell, it might as well have been written FOR me. And it was a vanity URL which re-directs to the wedding section of ExploreAsheville.com. I'm super familiar with ExploreAsheville, since it was key to helping Continue Reading