Not Perfect,... Just Lucky

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Happy ALL The Things

Warning: This is a rant. I apologize in advance, but I feel like putting down some serious attitude. There’s an image going around on Facebook that said “It’s not ‘Happy Holidays,’ it’s ‘Merry Christmas!’ Like if you agree.” Now, this is not the first time […]

Tree Time!

We put the tree up! Cody, Kellan, Lauren, Tim, Lexi, and me! I made chili in the crockpot and apple cider with Biltmore Estate Wassail and a splash of spiced rum. Folks came over and we got FESTIVE! As soon as Cody arrived we pulled […]

Family of Four

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! That mean’s it’s time to get a tree, and when it’s time to get it a tree, it’s time to get our 2012 Tree Ornament for our little family of four! Vince and I met in December 2004 but didn’t really start […]

My FAVORITE Holiday Tradition!

I’m not super into religion, but I do really dig all the warm fuzzy feelings that come during the Holiday season. And while I don’t necessarily believe that Christ was born on December 25th, I do believe there are good lessons to learn from Christmas […]