Not Perfect,... Just Lucky

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November 6, 2012. Proof that you cannot lie, cheat, or steal your way into the White House. Proof that Americans will stand against hateful,┬ábigoted, angry, and divisive rhetoric. Proof that reality is not skewed. Math is real. Nate Silver is a national treasure. And that […]

Canvassing in Florida for President Obama’s GOTV Campaign

Have you ever canvassed? Do you know what canvassing is? I hadn’t and I didn’t until three weeks ago when I came home to find Vince talking to two elderly guys at our front door. Living in a swing state and getting a disgusting amount […]

That time Vince mixed sound for the FLOTUS

Soooooo…. okay I skipped work on the Thursday before the election to hang out with Vince at his job. Why ever would I want to spend a day with him at his job, you ask? Because on that Thursday, Vince was mixing sound for The […]

Why I am so annoying about this election…

If you follow me on Twitter, I can guarantee you’re tired of seeing me re-tweet political posts. All I can say is I’m sorry, and the good news is that it will all be over soon. But I want to┬átake a few minutes to explain […]