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Awesome Organic Hippie Granola Recipe!

Awesome Organic Hippie Granola Recipe!

I tried to take photos of this recipe as we were making it, but it went so fast and we started eating it so quickly that the only photo I got was at the end! This is a recipe for an absolutely *amazeballs* granola bar […]

My latest food addiction

Every time Vince and I go to Asheville we hit a co-op to stock-up on locally made soap, goji berries, and other odd assortments of hippy food. Last time we were there Vince got these funny little square things… they had cacao and goji and […]

My Thanksgiving Staple: Sweet Potato… something.

Is it a casserole? A souffle? A side item? A desert? After many, many years of making it, I honestly still don’t know. All I know is that it’s a recipe from Susan’s Sampler II, a collection from the ladies of the Methodist Church where […]