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Five Things I’m Feelin’ Right Now

Five Things I’m Feelin’ Right Now

Every once in awhile I get an urge to write about totally random stuff I’m loving. These posts end up as snapshots in time and are some of my favorite to go back and read. So while life is totally freakin’ nuts right now, and […]

PaintNite DateNite with Cody!

PaintNite DateNite with Cody!

(Another pre-Daddy draft finally gets finished….) Last Christmas I got Cody two present: One functional (a gift card) and another fun: PaintNite Date Night with ME!!!! You probably know the whole concept of PaintNite but I think each one is a little different. This one is run […]

Our Awesomely Immature Wedding Song Selections

At our wedding I pulled my family aside to  tell them that if they believe for a second that Vince and I are mature adults, then they would soon be disappointed. Why? Because of our awesomely immature song selections!

Book Recommendation: A Discovery of Witches

If you haven’t heard of A Discovery of Witches, then I am truly sorry. If you have heard of it but haven’t read it, then I am even sorrier. Because this book is badass, and is the first of a new trilogy. And it was […]

I am an eyelash extension addict

I have always know that my eyelashes kinda suck. They’re long, but they are stick-straight and very light brown. I’ve looked at my Dad’s profile and can say with 100% certainty that they’re his fault. For special occasions I’ll glam them up with mascara and […]