Ten Years

Today at 12:10pm marks 10 years, one whole decade, since I lost my Grandma to cancer. I will never forget the moment she passed. I was by her side and my heart hurts every time I think back to those feelings, that room, the time... Although I try not to spiral into depressing thoughts about my Grandma throughout the rest of the year (and each year is heartbreakingly easier and easier to not do so), May 29th at 12:10pm is the one time I allow myself to truly grieve and get it all out. So much Continue Reading

Mother’s Day: 2003

Eight years ago today was the last holiday I was able to spend with my Grandma. I remember it for a few reasons, all of which seemed normal enough at the time.... I woke up, rushed out of my apartment, and bought orange juice because that was what Grandma was always responsible for bringing to the family Sunday brunches. I got to Grandma's house and of course she wasn't ready, so Uncle Dan and I got everything and went the three blocks to Aunt Linda's house. Grandma and I held hands while Continue Reading


I'm sitting here on a Thursday night plucking away at little details in wedding planning by acknowledging that I need to look deeper ceremony styles, writing down the names of DJ's in Asheville, trying to wrap my head around our guest list while casually flipping through stationary on Etsy, when I got to flowers. This is NOT the first time I've thought of flowers. I know we want our colors to match the Tanzanite engagement ring on my left hand, so we want to focus on dark purple and dark blue Continue Reading