How I Witnessed My Best Friend’s Episcopal Wedding

On May 18, 2013 my best friend and heterolifemate, Grace, got married! The wedding was in Brooklyn, the weather was beautiful, the dress was handmade by the bride, and I was A Witness. Grace asked me to be uh witness three weeks prior, after the rehearsal of my own wedding in Asheville. Since she and Aaron weren't having any attendants, I was honored to be given a role on her special day. Here's what I know uh witness is responsible for at a wedding: Watch two people get married. Sign a Continue Reading

I have bridesmaids and a bridesman!

Well, I've done it. I've officially completed my bridal party. Introducing my Maid of Honor and best friend since 6th grade, Jess! Jess is the eye in my storm of life. No matter what, she always has it together. When I need a calming influence, quiet confidence, and someone to giggle with when I stumble or get confused by some decision on my wedding day, Jess will be the one I lean on. She's my best friend and I can't imagine not having her by my side. Introducing my Bridesmaid and Continue Reading

My Unexpectedly Awesome 29th Birthday: A Recap

Back on March 8th I wrote a post that briefly mentioned how detached I was from my 29th birthday, which was then 20 days away. By noon on March 25th - the Friday before my birthday and the beginning of my birthday weekend - I was more convinced than ever that my 29th would kinda... well... blow. I found out that my friends were either out of town, sick, broke, or had to work bizarre hours.ย  On Sunday my landlords were scheduled to come do repairs on the house, which meant we had to play "Hide Continue Reading