The Blondest of ALL Blond Moments

So remember my lovely, custom designed invitations that I created and ordered for super cheap?

Yeah about those…

So Vince and I sat down together and meticulously went through every letter, space, and flower placementย  before placing our order.

They came in and we squeed with joy, leaving them on our counter for days to “oooo” and “ahhh” over at each pass through the living room.

I took one to work and posted it on my desk behind my computer, so I could see it every day.

And then, last week, I took my wedding planning book to Cody’s new house for a quick planning session, and when I looked at my invitation my jaw dropped open in disbelief…. there is an error.

Cody saw my face and said “did you just find a typo?!”

I squeaked “… I think so…”

He took the invitation from my hands and read it over. Finally he looked up and said “there’s no typo, everything looks good!”

To which I responded, “I’m getting married on a Sunday.”


Bad news: I have to re-order all our invitations. This time, with the right day.
Good news: Even paying for them twice, they’re still be cheaper than ordering something more mass produced.

Seriously – the blondest of all blond moments in my entire life. And Vince’s entire life.

But hey, at least it was a mistake we made together. :)

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