The evolution of MY hair,…

In response to the fabulous former-roommate-turned-awesome-online-blogger-pal-Vick’s post “The Evolution of my Hair” I decided to do a post about my own trials and tribulations with hair length, color and style.

My hair presents a number of challenges:

1. I have run out of colors to die to my hair
2. I am addicted to changing it up with new, shorter cuts but growing it out is hard to do.
3. It’s so thick and full of “body” that it takes hours of straightening to be even moderately straight.
4. Did I mention I’ve run out of things to do to it…?

Let’s look back throughout the years of hair evolutions, shall we?

2005: Ahhh,… how long ago,… how long my hair was! I could wear a pony tail and it STILL reached the middle of my back. Throw in some long bangs and big chunky blond highlights on medium brown hair and you’ve got an ass shakin’ Ali ready for a gin and tonic!

I won’t lie, this hair was a bitch to get straight and literally took hours of styling. I can’t say I miss the length. Unfortunately, Vince can (and does). Looking back on photos, it seems mildly worth it.

2007: Soooo this was the year I was watching a lot of The Girls Next Door and really, really, really wanted to be blonde. Yes, really.

So for graduation I made Daddy take me to a color specialist and went platnium. It. was. amazing. Too much upkeep, shocking at first, required a new wardrobe, but still amazing. The photo is of me and Cody at his going away party, I was feeling ferosh!

Eventually this morphed as I grew my bangs out and cut my hair shorter and shorter, until it was chin length. But this blonde: it was hot – literally and figuratively. Right now I miss this color most of all.

2009: Very short and very red.

I think I’ve wanted red hair my entire life and I’m pretty sure I tried several boxes of at-home-dying before I finally gave up.

But then I found my stylist, Missy, who talked me into a fun, totally fake looking red. My bangs were long enough to swish to the side, pin back, or full straight down depending upon my mood.

This hair has suited my mood for a long time. Mostly because I wear a lot of black and it matches that, but also because it’s fun. And I like fun.

2010: Soooo now that I’ve been blonde, red, dark brown, with short and medium length hair, with and without blunt bangs, I decided to combine all of those for my most current hair style – short-ish with side-swoop bangs and both blonde and red highlights on a dark brown base.

This works – mostly.ย  Except that I’m bored and I’ve lost the shock value I love getting when I show up to life with new hair. Also: I love picking out new clothes and make-up to go with new hair. And I love finding new earrings for new hair. Not to mention new products for new hair.

So far I haven’t done any of that in a long time. You can put me down as Bitter. Party of one.

Right now I’m in the process of “growing out” to fulfill Vince’s wishes of seeing me with super long hair again and to give me a better balance when I go back to blunt bangs (totally going to happen, just not with medium length hair).ย  To kill the time I’ve considered extensions, pink highlights, and/or a two-tone color layering deal, but none of those ideas really stuck (not to mention “work for my professional life”).

So here I am. Just… growing it out…. straightening it,…swishing it to the side,… clipping it back,… praying for a low humidity day,… and wondering: What’s left for me to do next? Have I really run out of options at 28 years old? I guess I get why Mena Suvari shaved her head,… okay no not really…

Suggestions? There’s a box below – type in it. Any halp is appreciated.


  1. Alicia Celeste says

    I would like to comment and say: Please forgive the brown Coach handbag in the Cody/Blond photo that features a black stripped shirt and black nails. I had just gotten the handbag and felt it was necessary to carry it at all times, despite color clashing.

  2. we hate you. love, u says

    I love this post! I recently looked back at pictures of me from the past 7 years and forgot how many different shades/lengths my hair was. I'm not going to lie, a few made me cringe…You definitely rocked all those colors!

  3. Amy @ life's jo says

    I'm all about changing it up!I'm sure you've done it before but I think you should go for a chocolate brown. I think out of all the colours you posted your hair looked best as the red, and I think that a dark chocolate brown hair would suit your skin tone and eye colour. Since fall is just around the corner too, it will suit the seasons.

  4. girlchristian says

    Well, as the mother :) I think you look awesome no matter what you choose to do. I'll wait and see what the next picture of your hair look like. By the way – awesome brown bag, so pretty I didn't note the black. Hugs

  5. color*ME*cupcake says

    You always had more of a thing with purses ;)I always did love your hair though mine is pretty meh. you can actually do stuff to it. Although, I liked it more medium lenght…not too short or too long.How about we make a pack on growing our hair out and we can check back with each other say…end of september/october?

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