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Effects of Attending a Radiohead Concert

I don’t know why it took me this long to blog about going to see my favorite band on Earth, but it has and I hope I can forgive myself one day….

Anyway, check it out: I saw Radiohead in Tampa on February 29th!!!!

Flippin' amazing show.
Radiohead in Tampa – February 29, 2012

My seats were in a rockin’ section,  the music made me want to weep with joy, and they played for almost two hours, but none of that ranks as the best part in my opinion.

See, the best part of seeing Radiohead was watching Vince finally “get” them.

That’s right. The man I am going to marry is finally in love with the band I love most, and this has been a LONG time coming.

  • I’ve made Vince listen to Amnesiac as we drove up a winding, fogging mountain road to North Carolina. (EPIC!)
  • I’ve made him listen to Kid A with the sunroof back and the windows down, driving fast on the way to the beach. (PERFECT!)
  • I’ve played Ok Computer during late night drives to South Florida, going 30 miles over the speedlimit (AWESOME!)

Yet he still didn’t understand why I crush so hard on Radiohead….

So when I bought two tickets to their Tampa concert, I figured he wouldn’t want to go. And that was totally okay with me because nothing could stop me from loving every second of the concert, regardless of who I attended it with.

But as the date of the concert drew near, I realized he was actually planning on coming with me. So I loaded up his iPod with all the Radiohead albums I have (umm… all except Hail to the Thief and I think maybe because I didn’t rip it?), and sent him to work.

Later that day I got a text: Radiohead is awesome!

To which I replied: No shit!

Three days later we met up with Alicia, Ryan, Bobby, and Gina in Tampa on a Wednesday night for some pre-concert drinking. Then I checked into the venue and earned my Super Swarm badge on 4Square. Yay me.

These people love Radiohead...
These people love Radiohead.

My seats weren’t that great, but my section was full of dedicated fans who knew every word to every song, and together we stood, dancing our asses off.

And after listening to Radiohead for three days, non-stop, Vince actually knew the songs and GOT why this band is so freaking amazing.

I sang.

I danced.

I damn near cried.

(Okay, I definitely teared up).

It. was. awesome.

Thom at the piano
Thom at the piano

Still not more epic than the time I saw Radiohead in Atlanta (a story not suitable for public domain), but super badass none-the-less, and with a more positive aftermath than, say, skipping a Western Civ final and almost failing….

Because now Vince is a diehard (albeit new) fan of Radiohead. And my life is complete. 🙂

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