Work It: 2012 Edition

Okay I know I haven’t been around a lot lately… in fact I just now blogged about new year’s eve.

But I’ve been a little busy….

January's Gym Calendar

Everyone, please meet my latest obsession: My gym planner.

I record what I do, how many calories I burn, what classes I take, and what days I take off.

I also write down how much I weigh, but you guys can’t see that just yet.

*hangs head in shame*

Anyway – if you noticed me not tweeting, not commenting on your blog posts, not responding to messages on Facebook, or not answering calls… this is why.

My goal is to burn 3500 calories *at the gym* each week until I get within 10 pounds of my goal weight. Then I’m going to focus more on weight training and sculpting.

So, I love you guys. But for the next few months I need to love me more. Feel free to tell me it’s okay and that you love me, and know I’ll be back when I can. Because I really hope you believe it.



  1. Jess says

    Dude I feel you, the gym has been my life. I pretty much only see friends if they’re going to work out with me so I’ll miss you along with everything else (beer esp) but totally understand :). You can do it!! But I also love you at any weight/shape :P~.

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