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A date range, a state, and even a town!

I may be blogging about this prematurely, but I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.  We think we have a date range, a state, and even a town for our wedding which will hence-forth be known as “the biggest party we’ve ever thrown.” So […]

How We Got Engaged Part 2: The Proposal

If you read part one of How We Got Engaged then you know I was not only aware of the Tanzanite and diamond ring that Vince would be proposing to me with, but I helped create it with him in Grand Cayman. Now, before I […]

How We Got Engaged Part One: The Ring

So, in case you didn’t already receive a personal phone call, email, or text message from me and we’re not friends on Facebook, I have news: Vince and I are engaged! 🙂 Now, naturally you want to know all about the ring, right? Well we […]