Letting Go Of Luck

On December 31, 2014 I wrote my last post as The Luckiest Girl Ever. The traumatic loss of my Daddy, the severity of my Stepmom's illness and lengthy recovery, and the woman I became after surviving 2014, all necessitated a fresh start.

While my beautiful, rainy wedding will always be well documented here at LuckiestGirlEver.com, you can find my new life - full of laughter, light, and love once again - over at SoAliciaSays.com.

I can't promise anything on my new blog will change your life, but each and every positive post has certainly changed mine.

Feel free to come along for the ride!

2014 and Beyond: Goodbye and Good Luck

I have drawn so much strength through these bracelets in the last 10 months.

On Friday, December 19th I said farewell to my Dad's remains and left him in his final resting place. I spoke, my Uncle Rich spoke, Vince spoke.  There were crows in the background and a Polish priest led us in Catholic prayer. The ceremony was beautiful, peaceful, and truly perfect in every way. It brought to a close one of the longest and most painful journey's I could have never imagined. Later that day, I also brought to a close my relationship, as I knew it, with my Uncles. It's a long Continue Reading

December 19th 2014 – The Day I Bury My Daddy

Well, here we are. The day has finally come to lay my Daddy's remains to rest at the Florida Veteran's Cemetery in Bushnell, FL. Christmas Eve will be the 10 month anniversary of his passing. It took that long for Mia to wake up, recover, learn how to walk and move and live on her own all over again. It took that long for us to work up the nerve to say goodbye to him in this final and forever sort of way. The circumstances of my Daddy's passing were atypical to say the least. There was no way I Continue Reading

How this year shaped up

Did I mention I was heavily medicated to attend this wedding?

It feels like five lifetimes have passed since I wrote this post on 2/21/14 discussing my awesome, happy, wonderful agenda for the first half of 2014.  If anyone needed proof that I am not a psychic, there it is in writing, people. But despite the massive detour life took on 2/23/14, things have started to level out. And by 'level out' I mean 'get fucking busy' again. In a good way, though! I legitimately haven't had time to blog and it hasn't been because I've lived in a hospital or been Continue Reading

Grace Visits, Ali “Turns Back On,” and a Return to San Fran

I haven't blogged in a hot minute and I have no idea why. So much has happened and my memory is so bad, I really suck for not getting stuff down as it was happening. So this post will be a catch-up of sorts. I have events I should have documented, but I think the more interesting thing is how I've emotionally changed in the last month. Grace Visits: Around the 6 month anniversary of Daddy's D-Day, Grace and Aaron came to visit. Before this visit I had started to see friends again but in very Continue Reading

The Mother Effin’ FEELS

Six months since I lost my Daddy. Three months since I started therapy. One month since I brought Mia home. And about two weeks since I noticed I was FEELING things again. Feels. So many feels. When I say "noticed I was feeling..." I mean the following: I feel something,... but I don't know what. I feel angry and am not sure if it's justified. I feel sad, and I absolutely know that's justified. I feel happy! Like, carefree! Now I feel guilty for feeling happy... But how can I be happy, Continue Reading

Goodbye Moet, Hello Belle!

So weird yet cool looking!

Sooo.... I BOUGHT A NEW CAR! :) Moet the Mazda 3 You guys know the story of how I got my car, Moet the Mazda 3, right? It was Fall 2007, I had just graduated from UCF, and my stepbrother needed a car. My Dad offered to pay off my Cavalier and give it to him if I wanted to get something new, so I took him up on the offer and used my graduation money to buy a 2007 Mazda 3 iTouring. I did weeks of research online and when I went out to buy a car, I knew EXACTLY which car I wanted. And when I Continue Reading

And this is why…

I'm THE Luckiest Girl Ever. This voicemail I got back in February 2013. I finally got around to uploading it after Wordpress finally got around to embedding a media player. Of course we didn't make it to Vegas or that show, but that voicemail right there - friends that call and leave those kinds of messages - that's what life is all about. :) Continue Reading

Five Things I’m Feelin’ Right Now

Grass, seating, mulch, yard art, and my beautiful little Daddy-birthday-bloom.

Every once in awhile I get an urge to write about totally random stuff I'm loving. These posts end up as snapshots in time and are some of my favorite to go back and read. So while life is totally freakin' nuts right now, and about to get EVEN MOAR NUTS when Mia goes home, there are some totally random things I'm feelin' at the moment. Hemlock Grove Season 2: Yes I am totally addicted to this Netflix series, weird and supernatural though it may be. Vince and I discovered the first season last Continue Reading

Five Months Later

All of us, standing together, on Daddy's birthday.

February 20th my Daddy called an ambulance to take Mia to the hospital. Her flu symptoms were just too bad, and he was just too sick, to go through standard doctor or urgent care routes. Almost exactly five months to the day later, July 18th, I'm going to be bringing Mia home for the first time. I wrote about so much of it in the first couple of months. I don't know how I did it, how I found the time even. But I'm so glad I did. The facts have gotten so fuzzy... the raw feelings and emotions Continue Reading

Hair in the Last Year

Yup. It's time for another hair-post... So, I'm an Aries. If that means what every Astrology website says it means, then I'm impatient, prone to changing my mind, a pack leader, and someone who jumps into life with enthusiasm. I think the biggest proof of that theory is the frequency with which I change my hair styles, cuts, and colors. I am never afraid of making big changes with my hair - not crazy changes, mind you. Sadly, I have a job and can't go too crazy. But I'm very much a "meh, it'll Continue Reading