One Month Later….

Friday marked one month since we had Lexi's back left leg amputated, and my, my, my how things have changed. First of all, her stitches came out two weeks after surgery. She screamed throughout their removal but I think the relief (and conelessness) afterward was worth it. Continue Reading

Bringing Our Amputee Home

Seeing Lexi one hour after surgery on Friday was heartbreaking. Seeing her an entire 24 hours after surgery and on narcotics the next day made it all better. :) When we got to the vet Saturday morning they ushered us back and said Lexi couldn't come home because she hadn't pee'd since before her surgery. We were pretty sad because we missed her like crazy and were worried sick. But they said a visit with us might help, so they brought her in and she walk-hopped right up to us all on her own! Continue Reading

From Four Legs to Three

A part of me is writing this because I need to - writing is how I process things. Another part of me is writing this because I want to share our experience with other kitty-parents looking for leg amputation information. But truly, I'm writing this because I miss my Lexikins tonight and need to be strong for her tomorrow. Continue Reading

A Tough Decision

So it looks like our Lexi has cancer on her foot. The results from her blood work and the tumor aspiration came back, and they said it's mostly infections and white blood cells. This, combined with the shape and firmness of the growth, as well as how quickly it appeared and how much it pains her, has led our Internal Medicine specialist to conclude that it is cancer. Continue Reading

Our Little Lexi

Anyone who knows me knows that my cats are my kids. Jersey is my permanent 8-month old. She's squishy and floppy and sleeps in the cutest little ways. She's also kinda simple minded. Lexi on the other hand, is our rebellious teenager. She's tough, completely inflexible, incredibly demanding, and so intelligent that I have seriously wondered if there's a human mind trapped in that little kitteh body. Continue Reading