Wedding AdLib Cards: Our favorite responses

A few months before our wedding I saw something on Pinterest about wedding ad-lib cards and thought "hell. yes." Since I designed our ranunculus wedding invites and table numbers, designing ad-lib cards to match was no big deal. I found some wording that I liked, whipped 'em up in Mixbook, and had them in plenty of time! Each place setting got an ad-lib card and a purple pen. There were 70 guests in attendance (including me and Vince) and we got 55 completed cards in our cardbox. Most Continue Reading

The Blondest of ALL Blond Moments

So remember my lovely, custom designed invitations that I created and ordered for super cheap? Yeah about those... So Vince and I sat down together and meticulously went through every letter, space, and flower placementย  before placing our order. They came in and we squeed with joy, leaving them on our counter for days to "oooo" and "ahhh" over at each pass through the living room. I took one to work and posted it on my desk behind my computer, so I could see it every day. And then, last Continue Reading

Ranunculus Wedding Invites That Don’t Suck!

Alright so when it comes to "DIY Wedding... Stuff" I have to be the least inspired, least creative, and least motivated bride in the world. Make something? Spend hours putting it together? It might not turn out the way I wanted and I'll have to commander a whole room to lay everything out, plus clean it all up. Hell no. I'll just pay someone else to do it for me, thankyouverymuch. So Vince and I looked at invitations online and we found a couple that we really liked but nothing was Continue Reading