I miss what I worked so hard to leave

Excuse me while I reminisce, whine, and otherwise go into detail on a subject very easily summed up with "the grass is always greener on the other side." Three years ago I graduated college and began doing what I spent seven years (yes seven, shut up) in college working toward - a 9 to 5 career in the professional world of cubicales, giant printers, office politics and monitor glare. And for the last three years my life has been everything I expected and more. I have regular hours, benefits, Continue Reading

How I Fail at Friendships

Yes, this is a serious post. Sorry in advance.ย  And I should preface this with: If nothing else in life, I absolutely excel at reflection. Just sayin'. This scenario has happened to me three times in my adult life now, and I think I am finally learning something. How I fail at friendships. No friendship is safe from strife. It happens to the best of us - even though we wish it didn't, even though we try for it not too. We're humans - transgressions happen, judgment is passed, resentment is Continue Reading