48 Hours in San Francisco

We hung out in the Haight Ashbury district and drank amazing rootbeer.

I will always remember this as the last time I truly laughed before my world fell apart. Daddy died only a few hours later.

You already know my Dad died while I was in San Francisco. You might also know that I was only there 48 hours before I had to come home after his very sudden (and still shocking, painful, devastating) death. But what you might NOT know is that, between the nearly non-stop calls with Daddy and Cari and Corey, and the 6 hours of travel time each way, I actually had a little bit of fun. We were in San Fran to visit our dearest friend Timmay who moved there 4 years ago. Every year Timmay comes and Continue Reading

Caribbean Cruise 2012 – The Outtakes

Alright I'm going to be honest here: I have no need to document the Caribbean Cruise I took with Vince, Tracy, Greg, Jesi, Ben, Shay, Brian, Jake, and Amy the second week of September. I took over 500 photos with a brand new Canon D20 waterproof camera, which I wrote a length review of on Amazon. I've got three cruise videos on YouTube and at least four more that need to be uploaded. I made a 54 page digital scrapbook on Mixbook.com. And I uploaded over 120 photos to Facebook. So yeah - Continue Reading

Jamaica 3: Relaxin’ HARDER

Remember that vacation I couldn't afford and shouldn't have taken? Well, I found a way to afford it and totally took it. And it was worth every. single. penny! Some highlights from this trip: Sleeping in a room perched on the edge of the cliffs, surrounded by the sound of waves. Showering outdoors, underneath our 'hut,' during a thunderstorm. Showing up with 17 friends who had one mission: To relax, catch-up, and otherwise enjoy life on Island Time. Eating curry chicken, Continue Reading

And the Jamaica 2011 scent is…

Marc Jacobs' Daisy - Eau So Fresh! Every time we go on vacation I allow myself to make one completely selfish purchase: New perfume. I do this because I want to be able to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and remember my vacation with my heart and soul. I purposefully create scent association. In the movie The Parent Trap with Haley Mills, she smells her Grandfather and says she's "making an imprint" by remembering his smell of cigars and peppermint. When I'm on vacation, I do the same Continue Reading

Tensing Pen, Negril Jamaica

I'm going here to stay at Tensing Pen in Negril, Jamaica to celebrate my dear friends' five year marriage anniversary. Below, is the view I will wake-up to every morning. I'm going to sleep in this little cabin, called the "Middle Pillar," which features a bed surrounded by bug netting and a shower nestled underneath the pillars, surrounded by foliage, with a view of the Caribbean sea. I can't afford it. I shouldn't do it. Taking the time off from work is going to be next to impossible Continue Reading

Asheville Venue Review: Deerpark at Biltmore

Let's be honest here, if you've heard of The Biltmore, and you're a woman, you've wanted to get married, move into that house, and live happily ever after. Vince and I spent our 5 year anniversary on the property, and we were blown away at how we were treated. The Biltmore treats guests like royalty, and I honestly can't imagine a better place to get married. Now, there are multiple places one can have a ceremony and reception on Biltmore Estate. Unfortunately you can't mix and match the Continue Reading

Asheville Venue Review: The Crest Center

The Crest Center is on the top of almost every list of potential wedding venues in Asheville, North Carolina, and there is good reason. The venue is truly beautiful. If you're a bride-to-be looking for more information on this venue, you've likely found their website over at www.crestweddings.com, and if you're like me you saw the main photo on that page and said "WOW." So let me give you a walk-through of the venue as Vince and I saw it, followed by the pro's and con's (our opinion only) of Continue Reading

Why two Floridians want to get married in Asheville

Pretty much as soon as we decided we wanted to host a destination wedding in Asheville, North Carolina, we were bombarded with varying degrees of the question "why would two Floridian's want to get married there?" Well, I'll tell you why. Asheville, North Carolina is one of the most amazing places Vince and I have ever been to, and we want to force all of our friends and family to go there too. Since marriage is one of the precious few instances in which one can demand everyone they know and Continue Reading

A blog before I blog

In case you guys hadn't noticed, I blog more for me than I do for any poor person who reads this thing. So with that, I give you: My blog before I blog. What should really be known as: My first feeble attempt at organizing the last week before trying to write about it. So in chronological order, here are the things I learned: Driving overnight from Orlando to DC *sounds* insane and dangerous, but it's much safer than driving with the rest of those idiots during the daylight. Speaking of Continue Reading

Step One – See Asheville Wedding Venues IRL

Well, well, well.... we might have a wedding after all. Here's the plan to scope out Asheville wedding venues up close and personal. Next month, Vince and I will be driving to Washington D.C. to attend THE wedding of the year for my fantastic friends Vicki and Mike on June 19th. After what promises to be an amazing post-wedding breakfast, Vince and I will drive eight hours to Asheville, NC, and most likely check into whatever hotel suits our fancy at the time.ย  I plan to bum around that Continue Reading